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Month: October 2016

Isabelle, alive and well

You might recall that late last winter I stumbled upon a most touching doggie grave in the woods. (More photos at the link.) Isabelle Boothe (of various spellings) had died only a few days earlier. It said so on the marker. And a whole family of children had written and drawn their goodbyes. The plastic-protected mementos fastened to the cross also included photos of the beloved dog returning from a victorious hunt and more. All in all, a great act of love by a family for their too-soon-dead pet. I’ve visited the grave many times since then, saying my hellos…


Weekend links

  • University of Michigan offers students the opportunity to designate their “personal pronoun” of choice to avoid giving offense to the whatever-gendered. One student selects “Your Majesty.”
  • Not only does another major newspaper endorse Gary Johnson, but the editorial is pretty awesome.
  • OTOH, A.B. Stoddard thinks Johnson is such a stumblebum — and yet such a threat in a four-way race — that Hillary should offer William Weld a cabinet position in hopes of luring would-be LP voters to her campaign. (Yup, this whole election cycle is even sicker than we thought.) 19 Comments