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Weekend links

  • Chortle. Microsoft finally admits (cluelessly or dishonestly) that its malware-upgrade on Win 10 went just an itty-bitty bit too far. Great illustration, too.
  • And it seems MS is not the only gang of elitists in upper Washington state going a bit too far. Closing freeways so a football team can pass? Gimme a break; even if it were legal, it would be beyond outrageous.
  • One more reason Mr. Policeman is not your friend.
  • And another.
  • And this horrendous court ruling reminds us that not only is Ms or Mr. Policeman not your dog’s friend, but neither are the courts. Are these people actually proud of their deadly ignorance about canine behavior??? (Via Wendy McElroy)
  • Just an FYI for Rational Review fans. The daily news digest has moved back to its original site: They’re also having their year-end fundraiser and could use our support.
  • Alright. Okay. I know I’m not exactly brimming with Christmas cheer today. So as a small antidote, have six badass heroes from dark times in history. (Some are just good people making the best of bad circumstances; others more dramatic.)


  1. M Ryan
    M Ryan December 24, 2016 9:20 am

    About the six badass heroes… Reading about the actions of Georg Konrad Morgen does not surprise me. One thing I learned from my late German Mother-In-Law was that not all were evil.
    She served as a nurse during the war and was an active member of the German underground.

    One of the few stories she actually told me was about the night of the dams raid by 617 squadron. When the attack started on the Möhne Dam she was in the hills nearby with a group of RAF airmen leading them to the next station on their way back to England. So they sat and watched the show. When it was done she carried one with her flock. She was an amazing lady that I miss dearly.

  2. jed
    jed December 24, 2016 9:23 am

    Not brimming? Okay, here’s some cheer. I’ve been trying to find that one for over a year, but it ain’t as if it’s easy to search for the lyrics, if what you have to go on is only a vague memory. So of course, I posted an instrumental.

  3. Shel
    Shel December 24, 2016 10:11 am

    These people clearly don’t understand the long term poisonous effects they are causing to their families. I think the appropriate response is to agree never to give presents ever again.

    And, hiding the Muslims; at least they are getting a good Christmas present.

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