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Another one you really hope is satire

Last time an article like this came around, it turned out to be a put-on. Unfortunately, I don’t see anything about the linked publication that shows that anybody connected with it has a sense of humor. Or for that matter, a sense of humanity.

Today’s message is: “White women; abort your babies.” ‘Cause you know, you and your inherently eeeeeevil white-skinned spawn are perpetuating white supremacy.

[T]he notion of “choice” in abortion is inherently white supremacist and ableist. Women of color do not often have the same privilege to choose termination as do white women. For social, religious, economic, and ethical reasons, women of color may experience roadblocks on the path to body autonomy that white women would never be forced to confront due to their privilege of being born in a white supremacist society that continually looks out for their needs. …

White women: it is time to do your part! Your white children reinforce the white supremacist society that benefits you. If you claim to be progressive, and yet willingly birth white children by your own choice, you are a hypocrite. White women should be encouraged to abort their white children, and to use their freed-up time and resources to assist women of color who have no other choice but to raise their children.

Don’tcha especially love that part about women of color not having the “privilege” of having an abortion when abortion violates their religious or ethical beliefs? Or their social mores? Presumably once all the eeeeevil white people are aborted out of existence, these “progressive” babes will offer “privilege” of “abortion whether you believe in it or not” to other ethnic groups they’ll discover are standing between them and their notion of Utopia.

Please tell me it’s satire. Please. (H/T MJR, who also hopes it’s just an appallingly clever fake)

As I recall, last time a droll satire on “progressive” nuttiness came ’round, it was widely believed — even by the progressive nuts in question — to be for real. It gets increasingly harder to tell real craziness from supposedly exaggerated craziness.

OTOH, if this is real, then think of the effect of calling every white person a white supremacist. Suddenly, white people on the fringes have nothing left to lose …

P.S. I attempted to use a hyperlink to avoid boosting the rankings of the above-quoted site. But I couldn’t reach donotllink this afternoon.


  1. Jim B.
    Jim B. June 25, 2017 7:47 pm

    “Please tell me it’s satire. Please.”

    Unfortunately, from what I’ve been seeing on YouTube lately, led me to believe it would be all too real. Which is why I like certain YouTube figures like Barbara4u2c (Great! Very good, very sarcastic sense of humor), Lauren Southern, Tomi Lahren, and last but not least Milo. (Don’t agree with them often, if at all, but I think they are entertaining.) Despite the fact they are conservative leaning.

    I’ve been focusing on the Honda Grom types of videos mostly, lately. Along with Hunter Honda and his girl, KatKam.

  2. Brad R
    Brad R June 25, 2017 7:49 pm


    “Poe’s law is an adage of Internet culture that states that, without a clear indicator of the author’s intent, it is impossible to create a parody of extreme views so obviously exaggerated that it cannot be mistaken by some readers or viewers as a sincere expression of the parodied views.”

  3. Mike
    Mike June 25, 2017 7:53 pm

    When I read that kind of tripe, two things come to mind… Rudyard Kipling’s poem “When the Saxons Began to Hate” and a comment from a blogger I enjoy named Fred Reed who said, “When white guys get pissed, they don’t burn down their own neighborhoods, they burn down the other guy’s neighborhood. If they get really pissed they’ve been known to burn down whole countries.”

    I think a few folks should consider their hole cards before they promote the extermination of the race that has invented and used the most destructive devices known to mankind. There are always unintended consequences and, in some circumstances, they can be extreme.

  4. MamaLiberty
    MamaLiberty June 26, 2017 8:37 am

    I did a limited search for the numbers. Even though the statistics are not completely consistent (no uniform reporting, for one thing), it is very clear that the blacks and Hispanics have a far greater proportion of abortion than any other demographic group.

  5. larryarnold
    larryarnold June 26, 2017 8:43 am

    It seems to me that a better solution would be for white women to gain experience and training first. By the time the inexperienced moms and dads have launched their own children, they’ll be in a better position to offer assistance.

    The “right” to terrorize citizens through the bearing of arms is Constitutional.
    I’m willing to help fix that.
    I’ve raised my kids and have time and energy to help raise others. I’d like nothing better than to fill my Hunter Ed classes with tweens and teens of color, and my license to carry classes with their parents.

  6. Dana
    Dana June 26, 2017 9:59 am

    Rumor has it (not confirmed) that Medusa Magazine and @AgeOfSh*tlords are one and the same. Author Hailey Altmigi has an interesting last name, which might be interpreted as alt-migi. So I’m guessing somebody’s running a sociology experiment along the lines of the Sokal hoax and is putting Poe’s law (as remarked previously) to the test.

  7. Claire
    Claire June 26, 2017 12:10 pm

    Interesting piece of detective work, Dana (or whoever else figured out Altmigi might translate to alt-right). Clever.

    It would certainly be a relief for this to be a hoax. But of course Brad R. and you have nailed it on the Poe’s Law problem.

    And this is why I quit writing satire early on in my time as a political writer: political people have become so self-satirizing that who can tell reality from a joke anymore?

  8. Joel
    Joel June 26, 2017 12:52 pm

    I have now randomly read through several Medusa pop-culture articles. If we could count on people to be sane and rational I’d say it’s unnecessarily subtle parody. But of course it might be absolutely serious.

    Take off and nuke’em from orbit. Only way to be sure.

  9. Bear
    Bear June 26, 2017 1:00 pm

    I still can’t tell whether it’s satire or not. The Pop Culture page has a column titled “Make Masturbation Illegal for Men.” Now, a rational person might take that for either 1) satire, or 2) schizophrenia. But allow me to remind you that a Texas state rep proposed just that (it was a “satirical rip on regulating abortion).

  10. Joel
    Joel June 26, 2017 2:03 pm

    Curiously, the Kipling Society webpage has almost exactly the same poem titled “The Beginning,” which just changes the word “Saxons” to “English.” Published during WWI, so you know who they were hating on.

  11. SKSK
    SKSK June 26, 2017 2:29 pm

    The racist thing gives me the willies! Brown? White? Red? Yellow? Black? My Gosh, folks–our molecules all come from the same planet–how different can we really be???

  12. Shel
    Shel June 26, 2017 5:49 pm

    I now see that Kipling poem is in the collection I was looking at originally. My guess is it started out saying Saxons and got modified to whip up support for their involvement in WWI, in which Kipling’s son was killed. I like “Saxons” better.

  13. Desertrat
    Desertrat June 26, 2017 9:08 pm

    Given sufficient cause for anger, WASPS = wasps.

    Key word: “Sufficient”.

  14. M
    M June 27, 2017 3:03 pm

    More digging on “Beginnings” – Judging by the dates on the various snippets around the ‘Net at least *my* inability to find any official Kipling source, it strongly suggests to me that “English” was replaced with “Saxons” by people with some less than savory motivations. Earliest references I find is Stormfront, with Icke’s forums, “European Americans United”, and other unsavory sources following close behind. The bleed over to WRSA and other sources I’d willingly associate myself with seems to occur sometime around 2012-2014. The only potentially legitimate source point to Kipling is a Kindle e-pub that’s been pulled and is only available via Google Cache. All of the other sources I’ve got in 15 pages of Google search are very probably re-writes for political (and racial) reasons.

    That doesn’t mean that the premise is false, just that it makes it less useful to argue by. I’d be very glad to see some sort of credible source with a “Saxons” reference. But otherwise (or maybe even still) the use of the piece as a discussion point might be better served with “English.”

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