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This is the sorry part of the project

Because the Late and Increasingly Unlamented Handyman Mike built the bathroom without correcting underlying problems, The Wandering Monk and I, having repaired and leveled the foundation , are now faced with having to re-level major elements.

Phase II of the Great Foundation and Screen Porch Project has been a breeze compared with Phase I, but today we come to the hard part. The north bathroom wall (which Mike built level without regard to what the rest of the house was doing around it) leans in. The bathroom window runs uphill.

Rebuilding the wall or cutting it loose from its moorings and pushing it into alignment with the rest of the structure is out of the question. Instead we’re shimming the upper part of the wall so the siding can go on straight. And here you see the Monk taking his brand-new (and much better) reciprocal saw to the window frame.

So far we’ve lucked out. That single cut (plus a lot of later shimming and finagling on my part on the inside trim of the window) will let us re-insert the old window in a better position. We’ve put this part of the work off because we were dreading it. But yeah. Lucked out. Things are working.

(Still, I keep asking myself why I didn’t stop Mike when I saw how haywire his work on the bathroom was going. Well, it’s because although I saw haywire, I didn’t see how haywire. I trusted Mike when I shouldn’t have. I didn’t ask questions when I should have. Thank heaven for the Monk, who makes hard things easier, and thank heaven for our two brains, which manage to create good solutions to bad problems.)

Now. Since we’re able to use the old window, my next task is to stop typing, go outside, and attempt to clean icky-sticky Forti-Flash off the vinyl. Once again I am reminded of why I buy Goof-Off by the gallon.

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