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For Hurricane Irma updates from fellow blog readers…

… please go here. Several readers in Irma’s path have been posting updates on that 9/7 thread.

Since that’s already begun, I’m closing comments on this post and directing everybody back there so we can keep up with what’s happening with our blogfriends and Irma.

So far there is a much nervous waiting going on.

A lot of people fled from the southeast coast (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale) to take refuge on the west coast (Tampa, Ft. Myers., St. Petersburg). Others — including well-prepped readers of Living Freedom — stayed put on the west side because that was supposed to be away from the worst of it. Then that’s where Irma decided to aim. I’m thinking of you there (and you beyond but still in Irma’s path). Everybody send prayers, good vibes, or whatever else you’ve got to spare.

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