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Thursday links

  • It is “standard procedure” to tase a 5’4″ kid in the genitals while screaming you”re going to kill him. Worked, too. They killed him just fine. Then the lies commenced.
  • The money quote: “If architects designed buildings the way engineers design software, the first woodpecker would destroy civilization.” Thanks, Borepatch.
  • Satire. Reality. On Rand Paul’s attempt to stop the endless Afghan war.
  • We can only wish this were satire: Is your refrigerator a national security risk? (H/T ML)
  • Although some of the “solutions” are dreadful, it’s certainly true that our SSNs are a crappy personal identifier.
  • ICE pays Arizona motel employees to report illegal aliens. Two Motel 6 locations (that we know of) have automated systems to turn in ALL guests from Mexico.
  • Custom’s agents seize an innocent man’s truck over five “bullets”*. And a photo the privileged agents of the state objected to. Two years later, this fierce libertarian is suing to get his property back.
  • Red-pill liberals. Oh, how I hope this makes a difference.
  • John Judis who, with Ruy Texiera, literally wrote the book claiming demographics = destiny for the Dems now says he was wrong.
  • Have the cheap seats in airplanes become so cramped that they’d kill or cripple you in a “brace for impact” scenario?
  • How a sneaky sausage saved hundreds of Portugal’s Jews from the Spanish Inquisition.
  • Thirteen bizarro face swaps.

* Hey, it’s the WaPo; what can you say? At least their heart’s in the right place this time, even if their terminology still sucks.


  1. Desertrat
    Desertrat September 15, 2017 1:37 pm

    Sometimes, demographics make a difference. In 1836 there were more Texicans residing in Texas than there were Mexicans.

    Right now, Islamics in Europe are a monolithic bloc and are growing in numbers at a much higher rate than are native Europeans.

    But among Democrats, apparently, race is more important than the results of the various policies promulgated by the party–and they’re blind to their failures.

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