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Month: September 2017

Sorry for the silence and good luck Floridians and beyond

Sorry for the lack of blogitude. I’ve been minioning. Then when The Wandering Monk lost energy this afternoon, I sent him home and took over the last bits of earth moving myself. I’m beat; but it’s looking good. All that remains before I can cross that project off the summer’s list is for me to do a touch of final leveling (after spraying the area down this evening and seeing where the water tended to pool), then lay down plastic, then find somebody to bring in gravel that I can rake around that 12 x 24-foot nice, FLAT area. Easy-peasy.…


Redneck earth moving

It ain’t pretty, but it works. Or did after some revision. This homemade harrow — created by The Wandering Monk out of items lying around the property — broke up the nasty, vile, gluey clay behind the house for easier shoveling and removing. It worked better after he added 5/8″ rebar to the small springy tines on the back of the pallet. A final refinement will be fixed bolts. And that should do the job. Particularly since the Monk also came up with a plan that eliminates the majority of the shoveling we thought we were in for. The Monk…


The earth shall move

… though hopefully not in any dramatic way. The Wandering Monk returns today for a short but unpleasant project — removing the last four inches or so of soil from the 12 x 24 area between the north house wall and the gorgeous retaining wall we built a year ago. The mega earth-moving was all done last year. It enabled us to build the wall and begin the new drainage system. No longer is water freely running down hills on two sides of the house and pooling underneath. But the poor old guy with the John Deere didn’t get the…


Gregory Gooch, RIP. And mourning the too-many, too-young dead.

We learned last week that Gregory Gooch — known to the Commentariat and members of TMM and Claire’s Cabal as either gooch or capn — died last May. Gooch was a sweetheart of a guy whose last few years were difficult and impoverished. But if he had any inkling he was headed for an early death, he never said a word about it to any of his online friends. This is something that worries me; that online acquaintances will just disappear. With Gooch, I thought his absence was due only to the fact that he had a poor, and slow,…


Want to donate to Texas hurricane relief (but not to the Red Cross)?

I should have thought of this earlier, but it took a neighbor to put it in my head. She stopped me on the street yesterday and asked if I knew of any local relief organizations in Texas she and her mother could donate to. They didn’t want to send money to the ubiquitous Red Cross because of its high administrative costs. The Salvation Army was a possibility but not what she’d prefer. Did I have any better ideas? Well, of course the best idea was to ask Commentariat member, Texan, and shelter volunteer Larry Arnold. He responded: My church is…


Sunday links

  • To no one’s surprise, Bloomberg’s anti-freedom efforts are top-down, autocratic, and authoritarian. So writes a disgruntled volunteer. Such has always been the case with anti-gun organizations. Bloomberg just makes it personal.
  • You’ve probably seen the story of the Utah nurse arrested for doing her job (and upholding a Supreme Court decision that every cop knows). But she is so good and the thugs so bad that I’d be remiss not to post this. I hope every cop involved gets fired. I hope the nurse gets a bonus.
  • Oh Brad, you are so right. In the tech world “1984” has morphed into 1984. 15 Comments
  • Because I’m avoiding the next house project …

    … I thought I’d take the PITA phone out and attempt to get some pix of where things stand now. They’re not particularly good pix, and please understand that everything is still in progress. But here you go. North wall and exterior of the new screen porch as of today: For reference, here’s what the north side of the house looked like four years ago: The excrescence on the right is the infamous not-a-garage, gone but never lamented. The deformity sticking out on the left was … well, its purpose takes paragraphs to explain, but basically it was composed of…


    Friday links

  • This cop just loves him some tasers — as he’s shown again and again. Yeah, and that family loved their young son and brother, too. (I hope they end up owning you, Officer Pig.)
  • Well, guess what? The Evergreen State College suffers “the Mizzou effect” after that flap where racist students tried to force white people off the campus.
  • And it’s too bad that this ringing endorsement of thinking for yourself has to come from professors who were targets of the same kind of vile groupthinking wrath. (H/T PT) 11 Comments