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RebelFire now on Kindle!

While I was telling you I needed to take a break from the ‘Net, a message arrived telling me that RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone is now available for Kindle.


And just $3.99 to buy.

I owe this to Oliver Del Signore, former webmaster of Backwoods Home and now proprietor of Mason Marshall Press, which will also be picking up my Paladin titles — as soon as I provide him with new editions of some of them.

Mason Marshall will publish the former Paladin titles (and perhaps others) in both Kindle and print-on-demand versions. They’ll publish the Kindle editions of RebelFire and Hardyville Tales, which never belonged to Paladin. But I’m still selling the print copies of those two books myself and nobody knows at this point whether they will ever have new dead-tree editions.

If you want print copies, buy them from seller Living Freedom (RF is here, HT here) and get ’em autographed. _Note: These last two links are NOT magical Amazon Associates links. So if you plan to buy other stuff at Amazon and want me to get credit, either use the link in the fist paragraph or the one in the sidebar.)

NOW I’m going to go rest those eyeballs and put my body to hard labor.


  1. Frank
    Frank November 12, 2017 3:48 am

    The vast majority of my books (several thousand) are still in boxes because of several moves over the last 15 or so years. Including your books! I have recently taken the last of the boxes of books out of storage (climate controlled!) and plan on unpacking them this winter. I loaned out a few of your books years ago and do not think I got all of them back so will have to go through my collection to see which ones need to be replaced. Sooooo, finding out replacing them will be possible is very good news – thank you!

  2. MamaLiberty
    MamaLiberty November 12, 2017 6:45 am

    I’m not apt to ever buy another “kindle” book. I had kindle downloaded to my tablet reader, and bought a good number of books for it. I don’t enjoy reading that way, so have not even looked at many of them. I downloaded classics, technical stuff, and all the Heinlein I could find.

    And then, disaster struck. My tablet displayed a “log in” form suddenly, but would not accept my password. The same password lets me into without problems, but I can’t access my kindle stuff, even on my own device.

    I can’t get past that. So, unless I can log in I can’t read any of the books I OWN. Not acceptable, by any means, but I have no idea what to do about it. There really doesn’t seem to be any way to actually talk to Amazon….

  3. jordanms2015
    jordanms2015 November 12, 2017 9:02 am

    – Try this # for Amazon 1 (888) 280-4331 – I have had good success problem solving there

    – Suggestion about your tablet issue
    – install the Kindle reader on your computer
    – every book you download to the computer will be stored on your computer

    – Next suggestion – have Claire send you my email address and I’ll walk you thru a backup procedure that will stop what you just had happen

    – As my eyes are getting old (like Claire’s), I have changed my reader to a Android 8″ tablet – easier on my eyes

  4. MamaLiberty
    MamaLiberty November 12, 2017 9:43 am

    Yes, please Claire, send him my email address! Thanks so much, Jordan.

    Unfortunately, it is useless for me to call Amazon on the telephone. I am quite deaf, and cannot understand much that people say on the telephone. Or videos, recorded music and so forth.

    I will try to download a kindle reader to my computer. That’s a great idea. The monitor is much larger than the tablet, so it will be easier to read.. and the only thing I won’t be able to do is take it to bed! LOL

  5. Claire
    Claire November 12, 2017 9:44 am

    “Yes, please Claire, send him my email address!”

    Done. And thanks, jordanms

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