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  1. larryarnold
    larryarnold October 10, 2018 9:16 pm

    So is it really global warning that may be raising suicide rates, or is it the constant drumbeat of gloom-and-doom stories about it?

  2. Owl
    Owl October 11, 2018 5:57 am

    Ugliest damn baby I’ve ever seen.

  3. Joel
    Joel October 11, 2018 7:23 am

    That Alexa article goes on and on (and on) about how smart speakers affect people emotionally or whatever – a woman who uses one as a therapist is a woman I never want to meet – but by the time I quit reading it had still barely mentioned my real problem with all such insidious gadgets: a speaker that can hear you speak its name is never really turned off and can hear – and report – everything else.

    I read yesterday about how Facebook is getting into hardware with a similar gadget that also does video. Orwell’s telescreen has arrived.

  4. Comrade X
    Comrade X October 11, 2018 9:59 am

    Don’t watch the maternity shoot while drinking coffee or your may need a paper towel.

  5. larryarnold
    larryarnold October 11, 2018 12:15 pm

    I guess times have changed. If I had published baby pictures like that where my parents and in-laws saw them, I’d have been eviscerated.

    a woman who uses one as a therapist is a woman I never want to meet
    I’d like to meet her. Once. Carefully. So I could use her as a cautionary character in a story.

    Note that the designers could make a device that would do everything Alexa does without storing any data outside the box.

  6. bud
    bud October 15, 2018 7:23 am

    “It’s great to have a way to listen to music or the radio that doesn’t involve opening up a computer screen.”

    What kind of bubble do these people ive in? In the world with a blue sky, there’s dials and switches, and if you’re too lazy to walk across the room, a remote.

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