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Thursday links

  • This is potentially big. A federal judge rules that citizens have a right to secretly record public officials even where a state law forbids it. I’d like to see that applied everywhere.
  • You remember the Seattle-area motorcyclist stopped and threatened last year by a road-raging plain-clothes cop? He’s been awarded $65,000 taxpayer dollars. And — oh wonder of wonders — the King County sheriff’s office will henceforth admit that point a gun at an innocent motorist is an act of violence.
  • Earlier this week, Harvard concluded that the infamous gender pay gap is solely driven by personal choices. Now a study conducted at Yale and Princeton finds (unsurprisingly to anybody who’s been paying attention) that white liberals are more likely to act patronizingly toward minorities than white conservatives are. Oh, how these conclusions must pain those Ivy Leaguers.
  • “Desiderata for the NRA’s Executive Vice President.” (Rumor has it Wayne LaPierre might step down.)
  • The organization formerly known as the Boy Scouts of America is in deep trouble and has hired a bankruptcy attorney.
  • That kitchen-sink of a farm bill Congress just passed is really terrible. Except that it — finally! — legalizes industrial hemp.
  • Before Uber’s self-driving (and appallingly safety-featureless) car killed a woman in Arizona, a whistleblower tried to warn Uber that their entire program was catastrophically unsafe. (Via Borepatch)
  • Via jc2k in comments: What’s scary is there are control freaks in the U.S. who’d like things to be just as creepy as they’re getting in China. Thank heaven for the little Outlaws everywhere.
  • Here are some of those creepy creeping creeps right now.
  • Say it ain’t so. Remember the old “10:00 and 2:00” position we learned for steering a car? Thanks to airbags, it could now be very unsafe. (This info has been around a few years, but I just learned about it.)
  • Dumb boss bans all Linux from his workplace because “Linux is a hacker OS.” IT employee uses compliance as a comeuppance. (Doubt it’s true, really; but a fine example of a “comply-in” for dealing with bureaucratic tyranny.)
  • Your awwwwww story for the day: A stray dog that had been avoiding rescuers suddenly became helpful to save other canine lives.
  • Pets that just looooooove Christmas. 😉


  1. Comrade X
    Comrade X December 13, 2018 7:55 am

    I would love to see new leadership in the NRA if they are leaders who understands what Shall not be infringed means. Before they take any position they need to ask the question of whether rights are being infringed first.

    IMHO the NRA like so many institutions today have become more concerned with maintaining their high paid jobs than the issues that they support.

  2. M
    M December 13, 2018 2:53 pm

    Yet – here in ‘merica – giving away our information is really okay! We’ll never be like China!

    “US artists haven’t previously been publicized for using facial recognition tech at their concerts. However, the legality of doing so is on the artist’s side: a concert is technically a private event, therefore event organizers can subject concert-goers to almost any kind of surveillance.”


    “This past April, Chinese police arrested a 31-year-old suspect who was hiding among nearly 60,000 people during a concert at Nanchang International Sports Center. This was made possible by the early stages of China’s own “Xue Liang,” or “Sharp Eyes,” monitoring system, which will be tasked with monitoring the movements of its citizens.”

    The possiblities are endless and it’s for the sake of the…children?

  3. larryarnold
    larryarnold December 13, 2018 8:50 pm

    Republicans gave fewer speeches to minority audiences…
    Maybe they don’t get asked very often?

    Skimmed the comments in the NRA article. Needed a shower. LaPierre love and hate flourished. Ad hominem rampant. Apparently there’s no comprehension that folks might be pro-gun and also believe in freedoms conservatives trample. I skimmed it so you don’t have to.

    a database of Taylor Swift’s known stalkers
    Yeah, shoe’s on both feet. If you think the government’s stalking is a problem, wait until the tech is leaked to whom it may concern.

    Kids in China
    Meanwhile our small, Presbyterian, liberal-arts college has a Varsity e-Gaming team.

    Pardon me while I go defeat some Zornos. They fight fair.

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