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More Merry Christmas to Ava and me

Today was another very Merry pre-Christmas.

Gourmet Gethsemani Abbey goodies from S&K and — another! — big check from RW, who already sent one earlier this month.

RW’s earlier check was for me. This one? Well, Ava would give a big thanks if she knew, because this one’s to put toward her medical care and treats. Great timing, too. Furrydoc and I were just talking on Wednesday about another test that would better pinpoint the degree of Ava’s kidney malfunction.

Guess what? The check and the cost of the test are about equal. So a big WOOF to you, RW.

Now, about those goodies. You probably know that Gethsemani Abbey in Kentucky was home to Thomas Merton. (Pretty Internet savvy for a silent, enclosed brotherhood; those Gethsemani monks snagged the domain name way back when.)

Did you also know they make one of the world’s top Kentucky Bourbon-soaked fruitcakes? That’s what’s in the round tin: The biggest fruitcake they make. No less than the famous fruitcake experts at The Wall Street Journal (?!) call it the best.*

Now fruitcakes, of course, are to be regarded with suspicion. You’ve heard all the jokes: doorstops, giant hockey pucks, the gift that gets re-gifted every year and never actually eaten by any recipient. But I hadn’t had breakfast when I brought that saintly fruitcake home, so I immediately cut a big slab out of it.

Oh man. Ohhhh man. Cloves, cinnamon, tons of tasty fruit in just the right amount of dense cake, and exactly the perfect hint of Bourbon.

I’ve had good fruitcake before. Dearly departed (and much-missed) old friend Capn Gooch used to send me cakes from Texas’ famous Collin Street Bakery. Those were good enough to cure me of total fruitcake skepticism.

But this Gethsemani cake is in a whole ‘nother league. I never dreamed …

Freedomistas should also know (or remember) that fruitcake is subversive. Really. It’s an original survival/prep food. The stuff was even outlawed, once upon a time and place (I think the info is in first several pages of the TMM thread I just linked there) because when peasants had fruitcake, they had nutrition enough to survive the depredations of their betters. So it’s subversive in the best possible sense.

Hm. Given that, perhaps I shouldn’t have cut into that Gethsemani cake at all. I should have just kept it sealed and stashed it away. Oh well; too late. Maybe I’ll save the Bourbon-soaked fudge for the Apocalypse.

Thank you, S&K and RW for the big lot of merry.


* BTW, NFI for me on any of the commercial fruitcake links.


  1. free.and.true
    free.and.true December 21, 2018 2:30 pm

    Funny… I was just thinking a few minutes ago how the Cabal could use a few silly chuckles — was trying to think how to revive the Twinkies thread.

    And now this! Survival fruitcake returns! Blessings and peace be upon it. ;~)

  2. deLaune
    deLaune December 21, 2018 3:20 pm

    I have always liked fruitcake.
    Growing up, all ten of my family members were fans, especially my dad. After Christmas, he would look for good brands that were on sale (75% off). He usually managed to score 40-60 of them. The tins were stored in the basement and rationed out over the next year.
    Good memories.

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