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About that book contest ….

The survival/prep/adventure book contest closed January 10, with many wonderful entries coming in. I had hoped to announce a winner on Monday the 14th, but got derailed by a slight case of the plague.

Much better now. I’ll be reviewing the entries in the next few days and try again next Monday for the announcement.

I was also trying to acknowledge all entries as they came in, but I failed with the last three or four (things started going south just before the contest’s end, and I wonder now if I was already feeling the plague precursor a few days before it fully caught me). I’ll be sure to thank you personally if I haven’t already.

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  1. ~Qjay
    ~Qjay January 16, 2019 12:23 pm

    It looks like it’s about time for some toddy recipe testing, Claire. 🙂
    Just a suggestion to make the healing bearable.
    If you can score an asthma inhaler, that can prevent congestion from becoming an infection. So can Mullien, it’s just slightly less “outlaw”.
    Maybe a Mullien toddy?

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