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Weekend links

* The best-ever also involved a dwarf. Which I assume is entirely coincidental. And it was a fictional headline on fictional tabloid and the author had a whole book to work up to it.


  1. Ron Johnson
    Ron Johnson January 27, 2019 4:17 am

    I remember reading Thomas Merton poems in college…and totally missing the point. Now, after reading a few wonderful passages, I feel compelled to read the story of his conversion, if only for the lush language. I’ll add it to the pile on my nightstand.

    The article on Jules Feiffer was good. The article immediately following Feiffer was even better. It dissected the “Cool Guy” phenomenon of self-flagellating feminist men. It didn’t mention Gillette, but it could have. I recognized many of my son’s art school friends in the description. (Article by Kat Rosenfield).

  2. AC
    AC February 2, 2019 6:55 am

    Nice Merton find. If you’d like the book it is excerpted from, lemme know.

    And I still have no idea why cookies follow me all over the web but not at one of the two sites I frequent enough for them to be helpful. :/

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