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Tuesday links

  • Greg Ellifritz over at Active Response Training has some advice for dealing with attacks by multiple perps: Avoid them. In case you can’t, he offers ways to emerge triumphant — or at least not beaten to a pulp.
  • In a sure blow for equal rights, it turns out the Capital One hacker is a woman. She also demonstrated she could be equal in folly to many male hackers, boasting about her exploits online. CapitalOne seems to be handling their massive breach more responsibly than many others. (Equifax, I’m talkin’ to you.)
  • In his inimitable style, James Delingpole cheers the rise of Boris Johnson and Lord Rees-Mogg. He seems to think Brexit is now a real done deal. We can hope. But this excellent Quillette piece Comrade X posted in comments the other day says there are more ifs ahead — some of them rather ominous.
  • Speaking of blows for equal rights, Nashville’s next mayor could be could be a black, female conservative.
  • Tomorrow is Milton Friedman’s birthday. He was not as much a blessing as this piece would have him. But he did give a big boost to modern libertarianism. Whatever his sins, he also produced notable anarcho-capitalist son David and notable Seasteading founder, grandson Patri. That’s not bad work.
  • Tomorrow is also the birthday of Harry Potter. He would be 39 if he were real. And if that doesn’t make you feel old, nothing will.
  • Gillroy aftermath: Gun control + logic = crickets.
  • Siri, the Apple “voice assistant,” can be activated by the sound of a zipper (among other unintended things) and contractors may be listening to you having sex. Wonderful world we live in, ain’t it?
  • How to protect your pets from 5G radiation. πŸ™‚


  1. Comrade X
    Comrade X July 30, 2019 2:27 pm

    The 5G pets protection was HILARIOUS!!!

  2. just waiting
    just waiting July 30, 2019 4:37 pm

    Careful Claire!

    I think there’s one of those modifier words in the gender of the Cap One hacker.

  3. Claire
    Claire July 31, 2019 8:46 am

    Oh geez. So I said “she.” Now maybe I’ll be drummed from the ranks of the woke because I didn’t intuit that “she” might be a “they” or a “ze” or a “zhey” or …

    Ohnos. Doomed.

    Oh. Wait. I was already drummed from the ranks of the woke before I ever entered them. Thank heaven!

  4. Joel
    Joel July 31, 2019 10:22 am

    Once said something nice about Claire. Didn’t know she was transphobic. So ashamed now…


  5. Catherine Flames
    Catherine Flames August 1, 2019 2:28 pm

    I heard The Real Kurt was a girl.

  6. The Real Kurt
    The Real Kurt August 2, 2019 10:06 am

    Heh. No.

    I have my XY combo going, and I’m married, straight and have two sons – but if it pleases you, I have two gay brothers, and we get along probably about as well as most brothers do.

  7. larryarnold
    larryarnold August 3, 2019 7:20 am

    drummed from the ranks of the woke

    You do know that “woke” stands for “We Obviously Know Everything.” πŸ˜‰

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