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A partially “lite” and somewhat random post before descending into seriousness

Grubby work continues around Ye Olde Homestead and I cannot yet face returning to the “our job” series. I hope you enjoy this somewhat random, mostly occasionally “lite” post in the meantime.

My reluctance to return to Serious Blogging is partly because the next episodes are planned to cover ideas for building alternative justice systems and nobody can build a great justice system, anywhere, at any time. Because justice systems, however noble their intent, nearly always involve both coercion and unhappy (for somebody) outcomes.

But my reluctance to return is in part because events are moving so fast that the world seems to be remade — and not in a good way — every week or so. Concerned parents as “domestic terrorists”? Offering to turn illegal alien families into millionaires for the inconvenience they suffered at the border? The deadly rout in Afghanistan being hailed as a great success? Such things would have been hard to imagine a month ago. And here, they’re suddenly the “reality” we’re blandly expected to accept.

And that, of course, is along with the bizarre realities we already anticipated, like like doctors, nurses, and EMTs being driven out of their jobs during an alleged medical crisis, and skilled workers, vital workers, of all kinds being treated the same — all in the name of a policy that doesn’t actually exist yet and will be blatantly illegal (but who cares about that?) if it’s ever actually enacted.


Another reason for being quiet — a reason you may increasingly feel in your own heart — is expressed by Toirdhealbheach Beucail at The Forty Five and The Adaptive Curmudgeon: It feels like a time to learn to be silent. Not adopt the silence of submission — never, ever that — but the silence of wisdom and waiting and observing.

My reasons are different than theirs, and yours (if you feel this drive toward silence at all) will be different than mine. But it’s impossible to argue fruitfully with evil. Or insanity. Or irrational fear. Or mass hysteria. And one or all of those things govern our civil life as we speak.

I speak only to You the Sane. So I’m not likely to shut up any time soon. But oh, the temptation just to disappear into a waiting, watching silence is strong.


The amazing Sarah Hoyt has a reasonably rational explanation for how our times have become so desperately irrational:

Communism is an amazing thing. It achieves in four generations what took the royal houses of Europe ten to achieve via incest and genetic messes: leaders so useless that it takes three tries to figure out on which end to put the crown.

Worse, the crowned heads of Europe had some excuse. Most of them were genetic rejects. Communism does this with perfectly normal if not brilliant people by simply training them to bark like seals and clap at received wisdom and never, ever, ever, let a seed of doubt of a shred of thought get in the way.

It takes four generations, as she describes — from the evil generation to the desperate generation forced to believe that mere words and mere performances trump uncooperative reality.


That said, on with the nonsense, the links, the what-nots, and the randomness, some of which I’ve been saving up for quite some time.

This being Halloween, here’s a great impromptu costume:

And with grocery prices rising, here’s food for thought:

And here’s another reason why half the writers in the world are constantly threatening to give up the profession:

Total truth right there. And one of many causes why so many writers are so infamously drunks and druggies. Not to mention chronic whiners.


Show me a 10-foot paywall and I’ll show you a 12-foot ladder. (H/T to … somebody I can’t remember because I’ve been sitting on this link so long)

John Wilder describes, in his irreverent and intelligent way why economic collapse will be much worse for the developed parts of the world than less developed.

Jeremy Egerer explains how “the age of science” — which you might imagine would be an age of skepticism and inquiry — is doomed to be an age of authoritarianism and the end of science as we idealistically and naively hoped science would be.

Captain Capitalism claims this is a perfect time to “go Galt”. I disagree with some of his reasoning and would not normally link to somebody who reduces any woman to the c-word (be forewarned). But … well, this IS as good a time to go Galt as any, and it’s encouraging how many educated, professional, determined about-to-be-former employees are poised to do just that.

Finally, just for the heck of it, here’s another dog in a skeleton “costume.” Enjoy.

(H/T Kat Swenski)

Happy Halloween and a Blessed Samhain if you’re into that sort of thing. Since both All Hallows Eve and Samhain pressage our seasonal entry into darkness, I don’t know whether they’re to be celebrated or dreaded. But no question we have already entered extraordinarily dark times. May you survive and thrive through them.


  1. Fred M
    Fred M October 31, 2021 1:13 pm

    Liked your comments; loved the dogs; and I’m starting to work on becoming the next bouillonaire!

  2. Toirdhealbheach Beucail
    Toirdhealbheach Beucail October 31, 2021 3:08 pm

    Claire, thank you (again) for the very kind words and referral. When thinking people take you seriously it makes you feel like you might be doing your job (you know, the one that you are doing out of the love of writing).

    Also, I feel like I have hit the big time and should cleaning up the place or putting on a tie or something…

    We do live in bizarre world now, and trying to write things from week to week seems to be an exercise in insanity. What does seem likely is that while the events change, the overall trend is down – and picking up speed.

    For those that have not read it, the Hoyt article is very much worth your time (as is Mr. Wilder’s article, as ever for the memes if nothing else). Hoyt’s point is that it will blow over, eventually, even if we are not all here to see it.

    While digging through notes I keep on my phone because I like them, I came across a quote from Brasidas son Tellis (a Spartan) from Thucydides’ The Peloponnesian War:

    “Make no show of cowardice then on your part, seeing the greatness of the issues at hand, and I will show you that what I preach to others I can practice myself”.

    I look forward with enthusiasm to your series on justice (and yes, it is incredibly difficult and not easily done.

    Your Obedient (and Devoted) Servant, Toirdhealbheach Beucail

  3. larryarnold
    larryarnold October 31, 2021 5:34 pm

    It achieves in four generations what took the royal houses of Europe ten

    Four generations is about right. Socialism (by whatever name) is the theory that people are too stupid to run their own lives, and therefore must have government to do it for them.

    The problem, of course, is once you raise a couple of generations who never learned to run their own lives, you end up with a generation which has no clue how to run everybody’s life.

    That’s when the wheels fall off.

    Case in point:

    Boston University professor Ibram X. Kendi — a leading proponent of Critical Race Theory (CRT) — posted and later deleted a tweet that accidentally refuted the entire left-wing ideology.
    On Friday evening, Kendi shared an article from The Hill noting that many white students applying to college falsely claim that they belong to racial minority groups — specifically, “to improve their chances of getting accepted” or “get minority-focused financial aid.”
    Kendi explained: “More than a third of White students lied about their race on college applications, and about half of these applicants lied about being Native American. More than three-fourths of these students who lied about their race were accepted.”

  4. John Wilder
    John Wilder October 31, 2021 7:49 pm

    Absolutely my favorite time of year. Cold, but not air conditioned. Dark, so the stars come out early. Bugs: gone.

    I love it.

  5. Jeff2
    Jeff2 November 1, 2021 4:38 am

    I think it was in the beginning of the last century that someone suggested closing the patent office, beccause everything that could be invented, had been invented. I feel that is where current science is, at least in the media. They are so full of themselves, that they have no worries of being wrong. I have always had an enquiring mind and loved reading and learning things for myself. So much of published information on astro-physics, archeology, medicine, climate and many other topics, ignore the scientific method of debate and testing, only to proclaim “this is the science now”, with no proof what-so-ever.

    Very discouraging for future “knowledge”.

    Love the Pics!

    Blessed Samhain, Love and Light to all.


  6. Simon Templar
    Simon Templar November 3, 2021 12:05 pm

    Belated congratulations X 2!

  7. larryarnold
    larryarnold November 5, 2021 2:40 pm

    Carl, the link results in a “403 – Forbidden.” What did I post that you cancel me? 😉

  8. larryarnold
    larryarnold November 7, 2021 3:56 pm

    Got in. Great story!

  9. Jim Wetzel
    Jim Wetzel November 7, 2021 5:16 pm

    Speaking of dogs in costume, a family came to my place with, in addition to children, a Lab wearing the approximate equivalent of a black-and-white striped shirt. On his back was a name-patch identifying him as a “Ruffaree.” I was rather tickled. He seemed to be having a good time, meeting a new human or two at each house, all of whom petted him and told him what a fine boy he was.

    Next year, I’ll have some dog biscuits for the four-legged trick-or-treaters.

  10. Granny
    Granny November 10, 2021 5:14 am

    I’m late to the party! Always love reading what Claire writes!

    As I grow my farm, I’m finding myself busier than I’ve been in over a decade, and tired too! What resonated with me was the Silence part. In the past, I had 2-3 blogs. I shut them down a few years ago, and now, almost ready to start up again. I’ve written numerous “articles” and tons of ideas, and have posted nothing. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s worth it – because, as you know, it’s work. I’m trying to decide if the webosphere really needs another opinion (and you know what they say) – wading through what is useful and what is just empty rhetoric. Don’t want it to be all political, but that’s hard when reality, right now, is all political because of, well, Policies that are destroying the Republic. So, I write when the mood strikes, and ignore it most of the time. One day I’ll go on blast and publish it. (You have to wonder if anyone who composes run-on sentences could blog!!)

    But, back to Silence – there is so much chaos in the world, that “going Galt”, then observing, then making decisions about my time and money, is the wiser thing to do. Things are happening so fast right now, in a downward spiral, that it seems better to take a breath, sit back, watch, connect the Communist takeover dots, and attend to the farm (with all that is within me). I mostly shut out the world, but won’t allow myself to completely ignore the dangers that are present. I’ve spent some time on security here at the farm (floodlights, cameras, gates, signs, firearms, protection dogs, etc). Not something I like to think about, but I’m a realist. I keep hearing about dangerous “illegals” being flown to various parts of the country and dropped off, which has resulted in several rapes and killings. I pray I never have to shoot another human being, but I will and with no empathy for trespassers. Sigh…

    Looking forward to more!!

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