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Friday Freedom Question: The truckers

We haven’t done a Friday Freedom Question in a while, and this one’s definitely due. It’s a two-parter.

What will happen TO the truckers and what will happen AFTER the truckers?

Oh, and if you haven’t donated yet … please do. Even if you can give only a few bux, you can leave an encouraging comment for these freedom fighters.

An Ontario court is trying to shut down the new GiveSendGo fundraising campaign, but it looks as if they’re not going to have as easy a time as the Ottawa cops had inspiring and colluding with GoFraudMe’s* attempt to steal the original funds.


* H/T to Brad at Wendy’s place for both the GoFraudMe term and his fantastic, invaluable series “The Canadians are Revolting.” He explains more about what Ontario is trying to do and the legal justification for it.


  1. bryanjb
    bryanjb February 11, 2022 7:51 am

    time for us to prepare for extended self reliance, for the truckers to gather up and park their rigs, and to shut it all down. they outlawed the sit down strike in factories in the 30’s because it was so damn effective, arguing strikers could not occupy the owner’s property. lets see them outlaw a refusal to comply and participate in this charade. God bless the truckers, spread this.

  2. Granny
    Granny February 11, 2022 8:01 am

    1. The truckers are winning and all mandates will be dropped in Canada. Their legal teams + donations will ensure they cannot be demonized after the fact by the fascist government. Trudope-a-rope will step down.
    2. The truckers in America are organizing and plan a March rally across the country from California to Washington D.C. Governors are dropping mandates like hot cakes.

    Those are my predictions. We are in a huge mess and the only way out is freedom. The economy and people will not survive otherwise. We are in a recession headed for an even greater depression than the first one if we don’t turn things around.

    Additionally, I think the J6 “committee” of fascists will disband. Two things I think are important as we go through this chaos: make sure you’re stocked up so the trucker “embargo” (I hope!!) doesn’t affect your family, and speak loud and clear at all opportunities. They’ve quelled us into silence and withdrawal. I’ve had a change of heart about my withdrawal from society and feel ready to join again. There are more of us than them.

    May God bless the truckers!! You have inspired me more than words can express. The tide is turning. May every single fascist politician go into hiding and never rear their ugly heads again.

  3. Claire
    Claire February 11, 2022 8:07 am

    Exactly, bryanjb. PREPARE. Except that the time is not so much NOW as it was yesterday and last month and last year …

    BTW, I love the arguments in that Bayou Renaissance Man link. I’ve been so worried about what sort of horrendous destruction the Canadian government (no doubt with covert or overt help from the US fedgov) might wreak on the truckers and their families. Those knowledgeable views that the truckers hold the real power here as long as they stay strong and on-message are encouraging.

    Here’s another related BRM link, based around the high-level (and idiotic) academic who wants to slash those big truck tires and do various other things to the truckers that she doesn’t even remotely understand.

    Of course, these “slash the tires” or “I want to punch ’em in the face” types never, ever want to do the deed themselves …

  4. Claire
    Claire February 11, 2022 8:10 am

    Great optimism, Granny. I hope your predictions come true, right down to the J6 committee disbanding (though I suspect that group will hold onto its power to the bitter end — and may it be very bitter for them).

    Whatever else happens, even my non-religious soul can agree, God bless (and protect) the truckers. And their families. And all their onsite supporters.

  5. Tom
    Tom February 11, 2022 8:40 am

    No way out but through.I can’t determine if the trucker strike is organic or not. Either way it is choking supply lines (see auto plant shutdowns) and they will blame us all for that. I’m a registered domestic home grown violent extremist in their eyes because I think covid was genocide, infanticide is genocide and believe in my God given right to self defense. If you support this trucker strike and you probably should you are one too. Again congratulations and welcome!

    Some truckers will be arrested and the protests will grow and expand. Then likely .mil gets involved. More arrests maybe some violence.

    If you don’t have a years worth of food at least you are wrong. If you’re in an urban center you’re in grave danger RFN. The “regime” appears to be pivoting hard off their covidiocy but I don’t put anything past them. Whatever scenario you’re prepping for, congrats because you’re right and that will happen. Disease, famine, war and death are all on deck. No one lives forever, see you all hopefully in Valhalla.

    DWEEZIL THE WEASEL February 11, 2022 8:48 am

    As far as the truckers are concerned, they are winning now because the Orcs and Orcettes with badges and guns have NOT been given their final marching orders by TPTB, yet. The Branch Davidians held out for a period of time until Janet Mengele gave the kill order. The Pols may be corrupt, Godless, Marxist deviates. They are not stupid. They are hoping these Canadian Patriots will tire and leave. When they do not, the response will be ratcheted up. So much for all of you “Blue Lives Matter” fools out there.
    One only has to look at the fate of those who were arrested in DC after the Trump-driven January 6th fiasco. Their only hope now is that the committee does convene and sworn testimony is taken concerning how that whole goat-rope was an FBI/Deep State orchestrated false flag. Even then, it will all fall on deaf ears. I mean, it’s almost time for the Oscars. And next month is the Final Four. All the Sheeple here in Winterfell are screaming: “GO ZAGS!” Amerika ist verloren. Bleib ubrig.

  7. Comrade X
    Comrade X February 11, 2022 8:55 am

    IMHO what we are witnessing is a bunch of Gandhi’s or MLK’s driving trucks. Non violent peaceful protests that has a sting!

    All they have going for them is tolerance, justice and reason. Sounds like a winning combination to me.

    Only time will tell, but it seems to me they are getting stronger not weaker as time goes on.

  8. bryanjb
    bryanjb February 11, 2022 8:58 am

    dweezil – the truckers are not waco, not ruby, not isolated, not marginalized, and mainly, not alone. they are the point of the spear. if these fools think that force against the truckers will reverse opposition, keep in mind that for every trucker in canada on this crusade, there are 1000’s around the world watching and waiting, ready to have a ‘canoe accident’ with the keys.

    this is a game changer, and the linchpin, and has been on the table at the ready for a while. the time has come.

  9. pyrrhus
    pyrrhus February 11, 2022 10:31 am

    I think the truckers will win unless the US intervenes somehow, perhaps by freezing access to the banking system…and even then they will win if they are tough enough, because they have professional security and are well organized,,,But Trudeau will have to be forced out by a vote of no confidence, and that requires that Canadian “conservatives” actually do something, and so is doubtful…After the truckers, the Democrats will pretend that none of this ever happened, and prepare for stealing the next election, which I don’t think their “opponents” will do much about, fearing the “racist” boogeyman…

  10. pyrrhus
    pyrrhus February 11, 2022 10:40 am

    And I agree totally with Bayou Renaissance that the power of the Dead Man switch, which would be sabotaging the trucks and abandoning them in their current blocking positions , gives the truckers tremendous leverage..

  11. Cube64
    Cube64 February 11, 2022 1:41 pm

    I’ve been following this from the very beginning. It is the first protest against mandates that I was really hopeful for. There are lots of inspirational videos that have warmed my heart. I think the tide is finally shifting.

    The truckers have a lot of things going for them:
    • The big rigs are difficult to move.
    • They seem to have good organization and communication.
    • They are non-violent which helps them garner popular support.
    • They have a lot of support including support from farmers with heavy equipment.
    • Their message is simple and for the most part they are mostly staying on it: “End the mandates”
    • In the rural vs urban divide, they have found an equalizer against the urban side’s superior numbers.
    • The timing is good. Lots of people are just tired of the mandates and yearn for the “old” normal.
    • People around the world are watching this and it is having an impact far beyond the borders of Canada.
    • The MSM and big tech narratives and suppression of dissent have become so obviously biased and inaccurate that it’s hard for even for “normies” not to admit it.
    • In spite of the MSM either ignoring or attempting to discredit the truckers, there are enough independent journalists and ordinary people covering this that the message is getting out anyway. is providing some great coverage.
    • The government is pulling out all of the stops and using all of its dirty tricks to try to shut the protest down, but taking drastic measures is likely to be very damaging in the world of public opinion.

    I agree with the Bayou Renaissance Man that if the truckers can just hold out, time is in their favor and the government will have to cave. They’ll try to save face and not admit that they are caving because of pressure from the truckers, but I think they will cave. They can always go on to the next crisis that they can claim we need them to save us from. But this one is on the way out and they’ve used up a lot of their credibility.

    The truckers are standing up for all of us, and deserve our support. In the event that funding through more traditional platforms is denied to them, several well-known bitcoiners have set up a Bitcoin For Truckers Fund at, which has already collected the equivalent of over $1M USD on their behalf.

  12. Erin
    Erin February 11, 2022 2:49 pm

    Vlad just did a vid by Amazing Polly on how the 4 spokespeeple of the convoy have refused to tell how they distributed the first million, and other possibly fishy stuff. I am going to send money to Rebel News instead, telling them to give it to the truckers. No guarantees anywhere, but they have a track record of commitment to do the right thing.

    This is the time when nefarious agents and corruption creeps in.Let’s all be on guard.

    DWEEZIL THE WEASEL February 11, 2022 4:15 pm

    bryanjb: With all sincerity and respect, sir: I hope and pray you are right.

  14. david
    david February 11, 2022 5:32 pm

    This protest is all a result of the statists trying to magnify their reach. I’m surprised that the truckers haven’t been called ‘domestic terrorists’ as yet- but I’m sure it’s coming soon. And everything else the Dems do is having negative ‘unforeseen consequences’ that only the Dems can’t predict.

    IMO, it will for better or worse (if worse is even possible) result in the ‘return of the Orangeman’ in ‘24. And that will bring about more ‘peaceful protests’ like we saw last summer. Personally I’m going to spend the next two years buying firearms and ammo, and getting lots of practice.

  15. Toirdhealbheach Beucail
    Toirdhealbheach Beucail February 11, 2022 8:19 pm

    The one thing the Canadian government cannot afford at this moment is bad press. Anything that is happening to the truckers will be broadcast worldwide (“You can’t stop the signal, Mal”). bad press will magnify the movement.

    The sad reality – the reality Our Political And Social Betters (OAPSB) are about to learn- is that in fact a modern society and a modern economy is made up of a thousand such switches. Railway workers are one example. Health care workers are another. Aircraft mechanics. Anyone producing a raw material, or anyone transforming a raw material into an intermediate for final use.

    Modern economies are fragile and can break easily. Sadly for the OPASB, they already have stressed the economy through two years of The Plague. The economy is not near as resilient as it was two years ago. It does not necessarily take a single blow; a thousand small cuts will bring the same conclusion.

  16. Fido
    Fido February 11, 2022 11:22 pm

    We are divided now between those who use reason to find truth, and those who use other means. You cannot reason with those who use other means. When they intend to harm you, and you intend to stop them, you cannot use reason to do so. You will use other means. I see no other possible future.

    There does however seem to be some lingering doubt about this among some people. While I believe it is folly to protest peacefully against those who will use violence against you as you do, perhaps there is yet some value in it:

    If you eschew violence, and your opponents do not, you can look to Tienanmen square to see how this plays out. (unless you’re Chinese, in which case that never happened) Or research the “Bonus Army” to see how that played out here in the states. This should be clear to everyone, yet clearly it is not, and for this reason, there could be some small value in seeing it play out yet one more time. I will not be getting on the cattle cars, submitting to torture in a gulag as the political prisoners from Jan 6 are doing, to make a point, shame an opponent, count coup, or support optics or a narrative, but those who will, are making our predicament more plainly visible to whatever few cannot yet see. This has some value. Is it greater than the value they could be as free men (*not* on the cattle cars) providing support for the coming violence? Not my call. And hey, maybe there *is* a non-violent path to freedom. Would shock the hell out of me, and call for no small explanation, but I’m willing to be wrong. Indeed I’d like nothing better. I’ve gone over this for decades though, and see no possibility there, not even a remote black swan.

    If someone kills half your children, and you get him to take a break for awhile from killing the other half, that’s not winning. Until those who are killing your freedoms are held to account and brought to justice, it’s just one step back and two steps forward. Onward boiling frogs.

  17. Jolly
    Jolly February 12, 2022 7:45 am

    In the age of ubiquitous video cameras, it’ll be hard for them to wag the dogs successfully. The mainstream media is not believed by anybody, and the only hope for the powers-that-be to win will be to bring the internet down.

    The big distraction of WAR has started as NATO is now on alert ( DEFCON 3, apparently ), and just waiting for a Gulf-of-Tonkin-in-the-Urals moment. At that point, the Canadian government may try to declare the truckers as part of the enemy – but I don’t think it’ll work.

    The beauty of the truckers’ strike is that if the government DOES arrest and impound vehicles, and somehow manages to move the trucks – who will drive them? They just got put in jail. There aren’t enough soldiers in the army to help in any meaningful way.

    Also, the stoppage is ALL OVER the place – Ottawa, Alberta, Windsor, and so-on. The tow trucks that can tow big rigs – are ALL truckers, too. They know that if they help the government – they’ll be ostracized by their normal customers and be put out of business. Also – raise your hand if you think the Canadian government will pay the tow truck operators a) in a timely manner and b) prevailing rates.

    All that said – keep your gas tanks full.


  18. larryarnold
    larryarnold February 12, 2022 10:59 pm

    Some truckers will be arrested and the protests will grow and expand. Then likely .mil gets involved. More arrests maybe some violence.

    I read a mention that the Canadian Army had already been called, and basically told Trudeau to pound sand, that shutting down peaceful protests wasn’t in their job description.

    Another blog told of a lot of Ottawa police quitting, getting sick, or taking stress days or vacation.

    Provinces are cancelling mandates, as are some of our more reasonable Blue U.S.

    A lot of people TPTB count on can read the writing on the wall. TPTB themselves, unfortunately, seem to be illiterate when it comes to “Workers of the World, Uniting.”

  19. Antibubba
    Antibubba February 12, 2022 11:30 pm

    There’s talk of a US version. While jamming up Canadian crossing points will have an effect, the war will start in earnest if the can block the crossings from Mexico. Unlike to the north, the other side of that border is a failed state, with cartel warlords running things. That will be “Chinese” interesting indeed.

  20. larryarnold
    larryarnold February 13, 2022 5:05 pm

    Except that the cartels don’t generally use the crossings semis can block.

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