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Category: Home improvement

Garage sales shall provide, part IIand an “issue” with my floor

Last weekend I mentioned that if I fix some desired item in my mind garage sales would soon provide. That was in reference to a haul of stuff for my grab-and-go kit. It should also be noted that garage sales provide items that one would never think of fixing in one’s mind. Not if one were sane and sensible, anyway. To wit: I’m not sure what it is. A candy dish? A planter? Who knows? I just know it made me laugh, and that alone was worth the two bucks I donated to the church hosting the sale. I’m not…


Faux tiling — all done

A couple weekends ago I blogged about starting a faux tiling job on the sun porch of my new-old house. All done now. 🙂 Here’s the room with the finished floor: Here’s the photo my friend took before I bought the house. Nice difference, eh? The sellers, who kept tropical birds, left that bird cage, so I “funkified” it a bit and used it. Now I’m on a thrift-store hunt for a large stuffed parrot or cockatoo to live inside. Except for the rug in the foreground and the peacock feathers (which came from the local farmers’ market), everything in…


How I’m spending my weekend

Faux tiling my sun porch. When I bought the place, the sun porch floor was covered with loose and broken 1950s-vintage linoleum squares. I wanted to lay porcelain tile, in which case I’d have covered the old stuff with filler and backer board. (Always the best thing to do with tiles of that vintage, because they may contain asbestos and are best left undisturbed.) But right now a fancy tile job is just not in the card$$$. So I pried up the old tiles, taking reasonable precautions. I dissolved the remaining mastic, then started painting. What you see in the…