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Category: Humor

Lighter side, self-protection, and better things

Well. That was depressing. So let’s look at the other side of life, okay? First (and apropos of what I was just ranting about), there’s new help for self-defense against surveillance. And (via, an advanced — if moderately pricey — option for snail-mail privacy. (And a review of the service.) “She Don’t Like Firefly.” LOL. Are Joel and I at risk of blog incest? Dunno. But he does find some damn funny things. Daniel Radcliffe. The more you learn, the more he seems like a cool, bright (check out him singing Tom Lehrer), together, young man — not to…


Monday miscellany

The Swiss vote to keep their guns. Sounds as if their nannifying hoplophobes are just as bad as ours, though. NAFTA North. For “security” this time. Complete with more plans for biometric ID and tracking. Sigh. But don’t worry. The fedgov’s rushing to the rescue to protect our online privacy. I especially like the part about all those levels of government that are above the proposed law. Kevin Wilmeth, Rifleman Savant, gets it exactly right on Egypt. The future’s still dangerous (isn’t it always?). But the NOW has been magnificent. And zownds! — the Empire was irrelevant to it all.…


Itty bitty questions about quirks of human nature

Why do people take credit for their successes but blame their failures on everyone and everything else? Likewise, why do we believe our own flaws and failings deserve understanding, while other people’s screwups are all obviously the result of evil, irresponsibility, or habitual bad choices and they deserve exactly what they get? Why do people continue to believe that Republicans are the party of small government? It’s not like there’s no evidence to the contrary. Why, when a bank has four drive-up windows, will everybody line up at the one closest to the building? Why do people put “for sale”…


Laws worth breaking

So. Did you break any good laws yesterday? Any bad ones? No need to confess, of course, but it would be entertaining and instructive to see some of your more creative victimless lawbreaking in the comments section. You don’t even need to have done it yesterday. (After all, no good Freedom Outlaw is going to break a law, let alone perform the act on schedule, just because some blogger thinks it’s a good idea.) What? You say you didn’t break any laws yesterday? Not one? Were you in a coma all day or what? Short of that, you must simply…


Dis a tyrant day

Today is that silliest of all holidays, Martin Luther King Day. Okay, the man had his good points. But does anybody on the planet really believe he’s the one American who merits a holiday in his honor (ever since Washington and Lincoln got combined into the drearily homogenized “Presidents Day”)? Ridiculous! What makes him so special he should be elevated above Jefferson, Franklin, Thoreau, Washington (Booker T.), Lysander Spooner, Victoria Woodhull, George Washington Carver, Clara Barton, Frank Lloyd Wright, Aaron Copland, Alexander Graham Bell, Anne Hutchinson, Mark Twain, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Frederick Douglass, Nellie Bly, Malcolm X, Andrew Carnegie, Maria…


Spam: An Appreciation

Too long has spam — despised, unwanted, and sometimes even cruelly outlawed spam — been relegated to the trash bins and baysian filters of our lives. Until recently I was, as you no doubt are, a person who loathed spam. Quite wrongly, I now realize, I dismissed it as mere junk without a single redeeming attribute. My daily trips into the WordPress spam filter of this blog were a dreaded chore. I would click to enter the spam zone, figuratively if not literally holding my nose against the assault of faux comments with their links to body part enhancers, fake…