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Book update

Copies of The Bad Attitude Guide arrived from Paladin on Friday and Saturday. Orders on which I had autograph instructions went out immediately. Everything else — orders, gift books, contest-winner books — everything goes out on Monday. If you haven’t told me what name you’d like me to sign to, I’ll either autograph to the name on the order or I’ll “go generic” if you’ve got one of those thousand-nickname names. So speak up now if you have a preference!

Now … What would you like for November book specials? Now that you’ve gotten (or are about to get) your personal copies, how about discounts on multiple copies? Christmas gifts? Hannukah gifts? Solstice gifts? Boston Tea Party gifts? Tell me what sort of special would be most special for you.

Books link.

BTW, I’ve given copies of Hardyville Tales to an assortment of local people I never thought would like it (e.g. a Berkeley-San Francisco-lesbian-PETA fan). And to my surprise, it’s going over astonishingly well. Not only has nobody killed me yet, but the most left-wing person I gave a copy to said it reminded her of A Prairie Home Companion. My local conservative-semi-libertarian buddy ended up getting 10 copies. And my totally apolitical friend L. says that even the list of characters makes her laugh.

Okay, so they’re my friends. But I did tell them they didn’t have to be nice to me if they didn’t like it. So what I’m saying is that autographed copies of Hardyville Tales might make inexpensive holiday gifts. Bad Attitude? Well, more expensive. But one reader emailed me today, “[I’m] thinking of how many folks I know would really enjoy this, and how many of those would not have enjoyed it just a couple of years ago. Times are changing, and so are some mighty good folks.” He’s right. And it’s more mainstream than most of my older books. Hardcore and mainstream at the same time, if that makes sense.

Okay. I’ll shut up now. [/self promotion]

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  1. Scott
    Scott November 1, 2010 9:15 am

    My opinion and 75 cents will get you a can of fizzy stuff from the machine at WalMart, but I enjoyed it..I like how Jen was treated-teaching a useful set of skills beats learning criminal ones in jail, on many fronts. It was fun to read, reminds me a lot of L.neil Smith’s North American Confederacy tales(take that as a compliment).
    The mental image I get for employees of all the various Federal Initial Agencies is cubicles filled with Vogons, or Vogons in tactical mall-ninja wear.

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