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Month: November 2010

TSA porno-scanners: what they’re really looking for

The following is from a blog reader and frequent flyer who wishes to remain anonymous. —– “Male, anomaly, right thigh.” “Female, anomaly, right arm” “Male, clear.” It’s just after 6 AM. I’m sitting at a gate at Boston’s Logan airport. I had noticed a long line at the checkpoint, and saw that it was because they were using the porno scanners. As a frequent traveler who lives in the Boston area, I know Logan. I went to another checkpoint where I walked through the magnetometer without incident, then made my circuitous way back to my flight’s gate. I hadn’t realized…


Thursday thoughts

Seventy degrees yesterday! Cloudless. There were people driving around in convertibles. (Very smug-looking people, I might add. It’s so rainy around here and so cold even in the summer that nobody bothers with topless cars. These folks were tooling around as if to say, “See? I knew we’d eventually have 70-degree days in November.”) Me, I took cabinet doors into the backyard and sanded and painted. Even that was glorious. —– It appears that one — count ’em — one R-Party candidate understood the message of yesterday’s election. Marco Rubio said, “”We make a great mistake if we believe that…


Moving the immovable. Yes, with a simple letter.

NOTE: At the bottom of this article are links to lots more intellectual ammo against the porno-scanners and the TSA’s new “enhanced” pat-downs — a technique designed (as far as I can tell) to persuade fliers that they’d find life easier if they submitted to radiation and porn, rather than opting out. Use that info for your own letter writing or send your less-aware friends here for an eye-opener. —– Last week, I picked up on Arthur M. M. Krolman’s idea and suggested a “Letter to Disney” campaign against the TSA’s porno-scanners. The idea was (and is) threefold: Write a…


Special political campaign edition

Because we all have so very much respect for our Elected Leaders and the Hallowed Democratic Process that produces them … herewith a special election day political campaign edition of the blog. Our Leaders have always been Honorable and Civil Their Honor and Always-Above-Board tactics have grown throughout the ages. And continue to grow. Today, we live in an unparalleled era of Legislative Competency, leading to Respect for Our Most Able Leaders. Honesty is A Paramount Virtue of the Political Classes. … Second only to Humble, Principled, and Open Public Service. There are many Profoundly Important Reasons to Vote. (H/T…


Monday miscellany

If you watch the money world, watch for a turbulent week. Of course, now that I’ve said that, it’ll be dull as Barak Obama without a teleprompter. Speaking of the money world: Art of the Collapse. By David Dees. “If you didn’t resist, you must have wanted it.” They used to say that about rape. Now we’re much more enlightened. Instead of applying that hoary old standard to sexual assault (usually committed by freelance criminals), we apply it searches and seizures (committed by official government criminals). Simple wisdom about Firesheep. Cartoons: Almost all … and I’d rather not WikiLeaks and…