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Are you a member of the Outlaw Brigade?

In December, long-time comrade-in-(non-aggressive)-arms Mac the Knife revealed his latest endeavor: The First Freedom Outlaw Brigade Merchandise Store.

It’s quite a production, with all kinds of goodies (from fridge magnets to mugs to tee-shirts to sweat-shirts to phone and iPad cases to buttons to you-name-its) for Ghosts, Agitators, and Moles. And absolutely terrific professional artwork by Eddy Lee from Gurnee, Illinois (who supposedly has a Facebook page, but if so I can’t discern which of the several Eddy Lees he is, so sorry for no link). Mac keeps adding more all the time — 168 items as of today. I like the ones that combine the Outlaw artwork with Heinlein’s “armed society” quote or promote the ZAP.

Mac has since sent some “Outlaw manna” my way & I thought you’d like to have a look. I have no financial interest in the store. I just get a kick out of my Outlaw items and use them every day. I’m too hermity to get much conversation value out of them, but you guys who attend political events, have jobs where you actually meet real people, or simply like a reason to talk freedom with curious strangers might find these to be great conversation starters. And who knows, maybe wearing a “zero aggression principle” button could save your backside at a townhall meeting or demonstration. Or at least provide evidence in your favor after the police claim you attacked them.

I’ll get on with the photos now and say, “Happy shopping.” 🙂

Outlaw Brigade fridge magnets:

Outlaw Brigade fridge magnets and artwork

Outlaw Brigade Agitator mug and buttons:

Outlaw Brigade Agitator mug and buttons

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  1. Matt
    Matt February 28, 2011 7:24 am

    I follow ZAP is a cute slogan.

    I do believe “aggression,” would just be redefined as not doing whatever some petty authoritarian told you to do. Laying there twitching after being tased and then take the baton beating becuase you maintained conciousness would be seen as aggression as well.

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