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Month: August 2011

How ironic

… that these two hail from Freedom, Pennsylvania. The detective who busted them ought to get himself a life. And a different job. I’ll be surprised if this holds up in court.

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Sustainable freedom and qualities of a free man

Still working. Still working. I’ll produce something brilliant soon. I promise. Well … er, I’ll produce something soon. In the meantime, I thank Karen for reminding me that I did produce something pretty darned good a few years ago — something that relates to the recent and ongoing series here on “Responsibilities of a Resident of the Police State.” If you haven’t seen these before, or if you’d just like to bask anew in some freedom hopefulness, I give you: “The Quality of a Free Man” “Sustainable Freedom: The Dilemma” “Sustainable Freedom: Paradigms” “Sustainable Freedom: Shifting the World” Back soon…


F&^%$#@ FATCA

You know I’ve been trying to downplay the Bad Government News in favor of more positive freedom boosting. Every once in a while, though, some governmental savagery, idiocy, or abuse (but I repeat myself) must make its way here. One of those governmentisms is the woefully named FATCA, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. One reason it’s turning up here is that it’s playing, or about to play, serious havoc on people who thought they were taking a huge step for freedom when they either moved offshore or set up offshore accounts to protect their resources. In short, FATCA is…



There’s a man in this town who used to be a respected professional with a high-toned name. Now, thanks to decades of bad choices, all he has is his pride and three luxury automobiles he long ago relinquished the “privilege” of driving. And that toney name. Recently, a building he owned fell into such disrepair that the city condemned it and tore it down at his expense. My kind-hearted friend L., who mother-hens this man (and is apparently one of the only friends he has left), urged him to go in with her or let her go in with some…


Silver on debt ceiling and default

I haven’t considered this topic much worth writing about. All the “will they raise the debt ceiling or will the Apocalypse strike” nonsense of the last few weeks has just been political theater, signifying nothing. But Silver, who’s always good at casting light into the dark cracks of governmental chicanery nails it again.


Monday miscellany

Pitbull vs kitten. Oooooh, you can only imagine the carnage! These people are so cheery and upbeat I want to smack ’em. But what they’re doing is wonderful. Now there’s the power of creative risk taking! (Sad irony, though, that they felt a need to include a question in their FAQ about whether their children are getting a proper education. How could anybody assume that sitting in a classroom could be a better education than they’re getting in this adventure?) “I Was Out to See America.” Riding the rails in the Great Depression. (Via Old Printer who points out that…


Update on rifle raffle

Boy, your responses to the possibility of a customized rifle raffle were more than I could have imagined. (I think the prospective donor of the firearm is reading this and snorting, “I told you so!” right now.) So … I’m thinkin’ we’ll do this. The earliest I’ll have the rifle is the end of this month. Then I need to work on its Custom Claire Camo. So late September or early October looks like a likely time to go live. I’ll probably rough out several designs and post them for comments in September. The creative suggestions have been wild and…

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