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  1. Bret
    Bret December 3, 2011 10:35 pm

    I thought the comment in the article about ak’s not being common in the U.S. showed great ignorance. the sks and the ak are now almost as common as the venerable 30-30. I would not be surprised if our next civil war is determined by the sks and ak. As for pistol caliber, I usually ask the person if they would shoot a 200 pound wild hog with their choice in pistol. My reasoning is simple. Pigs are used in human alcohol studies are big mean and attack with weapons, just like crack heads. And if your choice of pistol wont stop a wild hog, I wont carry it. As for the shotgun selection, it was juvenile. The saiga combat shotgun is the top gun in competition and gives the user tremendous firepower for the price. the info on revolvers was incorrect. A glock can be worked on in the filed a revolver cannot and are not as reliable.

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