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Once more for Sweetie

UPDATED with new photos.

We have some good news, some more good news, and some bad news on Sweetie the deaf heeler.

Sweetie cuddling with her "dad" on the sofa

The first good news: Sweetie continues to do well. Linda, our ACD expert, has concluded that psychologically there’s nothing wrong with her. Except that she’s a deaf cattle dog with PTSD and an exaggerated startle response, not enough obedience training, and a dislike of sharing her home with other dogs. But basically a devoted little cuddlebug.

The second good news: She’s free of microfilariae. That means the slow-kill heartworm treatment she’s been on since coming into rescue is helping. The baby worms are out of her system.

But that leads to the bad news. Linda’s vet did an extensive workup on Sweetie and concluded that Sweetie’s infestation of adult worms — the ones that actually live in the heart, not just in the bloodstream — is severe enough that we need to give her the costly fast-kill treatment.

Not only the fast-kill treatment, but the newer, safer version, which involves three injections of immiticide, three times under anesthesia, several before-and-after drugs, and six-to-eight weeks of crate rest. Ugh. (UPDATE: furrydoc says that’s more likely to be a heavy tranquilizer with painkiller than full anesthesia, but in any case, the treatment is painful and Sweetie will be “out of it” during the procedure.)

So the short version of the story is … we need your help again. You opened your hearts and wallets for Sweetie before. You not only got her across the country, but your donations have covered all of her vetting and other expenses so far (accounting below). We still have some Sweetie Funds left — but not enough to get her through this.

So one more push, if you can. Please donate to get Sweetie her heartworm treatment.

If you don’t use PayPal or if it’s important to you that your contribution be tax-deductable, email me: sweetie-at-hermit-dot-cotse-dot-net and I’ll give you alternative payment information.


What you’ve done for Sweetie so far

When the need to transport Sweetie from South Carolina to a breed expert in the Northwest arose, you donated an astonishing $1,140 for Sweetie virtually overnight. Then last week we got another $100 from one of our earlier donors saying (so right) that he knew she’d have further needs.

Here’s what your kindness bought:

$625 — Transportation and related (crate; health certificate; travel dishes; airfare; fuel reimbursement)

$398 — Vet care and medicines (wellness exam; dhlp and bordatella vaccines; heart x-rays; blood tests for heartworm; test for liver and kidney function; worming; doxycycline; Guinness Stout — yes, it’s an experimental HW treatment)

$40 — Food

$30 — PayPal fees

$1,093 Total

That leaves us with $147 in Sweetie’s Fund.

What Sweetie needs now.

Her three immiticide treatments, including anesthesia (or tranq and painkiller) and overnight stays at the vet’s, will cost a total of $531. Unfortunately, Merial, the company that makes immiticide, sells it only in five-dose packages and will not break a package for us. We’re searching for someone who might be able to sell us only the amount we need, but so far, no luck.

So with the extra drugs, follow up exams, and bones, rawhides, and toys to keep Sweetie from going completely nuts during nearly two months on crate rest, we’re figuring $800 to be safe.

$800 – $147 = $653 needed.

If we don’t have to buy the extra immiticide (or if we do and can re-sell it), any money above the HW treatment will go toward buying Sweetie a vibrating collar — a wonderful tool for training and handling a deaf dog.

Thank you!


Here (once again) is the video Mary Lou Seymour took when she put Sweetie on the plane to the Northwest.


  1. Linda
    Linda May 1, 2012 8:12 pm

    Sweetie is so lucky to have such great advocates as you and Mary Lou. She is a sweet, loving, snuggly little girl who deserves a chance at a loving home. Sweetie has great potential and with all of the support and love coming her way, we’ll get to see her develop into a healthy, happy dog. Many thanks to all who helped bring her to Oregon. And to you who will help her become healthy.

  2. Mary Lou
    Mary Lou May 1, 2012 8:21 pm

    I just want to add my personal thanks to everyone … who has helped with Sweetie’s journey … I KNEW she was a ‘good dog’, and all the folks in SC who tried to help her always said how her name ‘fit’ her … she just needed a chance … please help her get through this last hurdle, the HW treatment …

  3. The Freeholder
    The Freeholder May 2, 2012 12:16 pm

    Couldn’t do it last time, but I’m in this time.

  4. UnReconstructed
    UnReconstructed May 2, 2012 7:21 pm

    Winging its way to you… the surly arms of the post office……

  5. MJR
    MJR May 5, 2012 5:40 am

    Sorry to be a little late to the party. Had to hold off till payday. I hope the pup gets beter soon.

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