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Month: July 2012

The kissingest dog in two counties

The local rescue group put on an event over the weekend. They wanted a pit bull, bulldog, or some sort of bully mix to man a “Kiss A Bull” booth. The idea was to raise a few bux while also helping to un-demonize bully breeds. My Robbie may be only part bull, but he’s the kissin-est dog in two counties. At least. So he got chosen and I loaned him out for the day. The same fabulous photographer who earlier took pix of my dogs at home was at the event and got these shots of my boy in action.…


“The Dulling”

Last week I tossed out the opening of a ghost story but had no idea where to go with it. Reader JG got inspired. His story “The Dulling” is now appearing in serial fashion on the BHM forums. You go, JG. I’ll be one of your faithful readers. I still think that, with a title like “The Dulling,” your nom de plume ought to be Stephen Peasant. Or maybe Stanley Z-bric?

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Dog day Friday

Too much heaviness this week (though you guys gave even better than usual comments on my last rant, thank you; I hope everyone will read them). Time for the better side of the world. Which means dogs. The first story isn’t a happy one. Far as you can get from happy. Unconscionable bastard careens down a residential street at 80 mph, plows through a stop sign, then smashes into a young couple walking four Australian cattle dogs. All four dogs dead. Young man’s leg torn off. Young woman hospitalized. Bastard drives off without stopping. No, as far from happy as…


It’s okay as long as you hate the right group

[rant] I was just finishing up a head-banger of an assignment, watching my flat-fee dip to within a few dollars of minimum wage and thinking, “I can’t do this any more. This whole political thing.” Then the email came in. The first thing I noticed was that it was a forward of a forward of a forward, and — standard with these things — my address was one of about 35 on an open cc list. I didn’t know the sender; he and I are merely involved in the same group and some of the others’ names were among those…


The fall and the rising

T’was mentioned recently in these parts that James Howard Kunstler, agree with him or not, writes like a demon on some unholy combo of LSD and steroids. This week he does it again. One can only stand aside and regard him with awe: The word lamppost is popping up lately with alarming frequency in connection with the word banker in all kinds of respectable places, and I don’t think this refers to, say, men in Armani suits searching for their car keys where the light is shining on the sidewalk after quaffing a few rare cuvee jeroboams of Louis Roederer…


Obama will scale back the drug war

Yeah. IF you just forget the past and vote for him again, oh please, dear trusting core Dem voters, the man who broke Bush-Two’s record for most cannabis-dispensary busts will tame the drug war. Really. Seriously. I wouldn’t lie to you now, would I? Is this the most cynical campaign ploy you’ve ever heard? Is it total BS to report this huge stinking pile of campaign coswallop as “news”? —– ADDED: Okay, not the most cynical campaign ploy ever. But maybe the most cynical since 2004? Well … if you don’t count the whole “hope and change” thing from 2008…


Something for nothing, something for dummies, and nothing for something

Last week you no doubt heard news about the highly successful scam: The Obama administration will pay your utility bills! Just give us your social security number … First thought is what kind of moron would fall for that? Second thought is: a whole nation of morons. Isn’t that exactly how the welfare state works, anyhow? —– Speaking of dumb stuff to fall for, Microsoft is revamping its Office suite. One of the big changes is that it will now store all documents and settings in the cloud by default. (H/T PT for the link.) Nothing against the cloud. I…


Monday links

I guess there’s always hope. Man recovers sports car that was stolen from him 42 years ago. “The notion of leaving money in private pockets is never considered — perhaps because it would be an unnatural act.” The return of SOPA. Just starve the beast. Bravo, Judy Morris! Now mind you, if you intend (for heaven knows what reason) to link to any page belonging the London 2012 Olympics organization, you’re only allowed to do it if you’re not being mean to them. So, since I know what nice folk you all are, here the link to their terms-of-use page.…


S’okay. Where would you go with this?

Last night I watched Woman in Black, mostly to see Daniel Radcliffe playing a grownup (which he did well). The movie was powerfully atmospheric and so genuinely scary that a couple of times a chill ran down my spine — which I always thought was only a metaphor. Nevertheless, at bottom it was, like all ghost stories, pretty silly. That, and the much-less-good ghost movie The Innkeepers, got me thinking. Ghost stories are always all about atmosphere — ivy-choked Victorian mansions, Olde New England inns, mossy graveyards, mists and fogs and shadows — all the usual stuff. Which usually serves…


Friday links

Ah, now here’s a nice little (dirty bomb) monkeywrench of the surveillance state. Nothing (narcos) new in the concept (ahem, I wrote about doing this with email waaaaaaay back in one of those early books and even then I probably stole the (yellowcake*) idea from others who had it first). But elegant (jihad) execution. And a good article. (H/T MLS) Speaking of the surveillance state, here’s an update on the progress of the upcoming “untappable” ISP. Are “they” going to let Nicholas Merrill do it? And look! The NSA chief’s lips are moving! You know what that means. Amazon and…