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Month: July 2012

No, seriously

This is a real book. You can buy it on Amazon. (And I’m figuring since at least two of you bought Obama Chia Planters last Christmas, this book is a natural for readers of Living Freedom.) It is apparently not a parody. Or at least not an intentional one. And the writer, according to his Amazon blurbette, is a pastor on … wait for it, wait for it … Wall Street. You see, this is another example of why I simply can’t write satire any more. The world is already so perfectly self-satirizing.


Give a man a leg up

What John Venlet says. Joel over at The Ultimate Answer to Kings (now at its own domain name, is in dire need of a new prosthetic leg — which the good old U.S. health-care system has priced way, way out of his reach. I know Joel. I know how long he’s suffered with his old leg, despite benefactors having bought a much better foot for him a few years back. I’ve seen the sores on his stump with my own eyes. I know how the manual labor that brings in his small living is hurting the hell out of…


Thursday links

Chortle! Pro-gunners use gun buyback program to fund a shooting camp. (Tip o’ hat to PT.) Best explanation yet of the LIBOR scandal and its implications. Or are we suffering too much scandal fatigue to care? Here’s James Howard Kunstler’s take: “All this points to a dangerous new period of political history, a deadly Hobbesian scramble to evade the falling timber in a burning house as the rudiments of a worldwide social contract go up in flames.” Agree or not, the man writes like a demon. Yet another reason to avoid airports. I am not delusional enough. Talk about local…


Would you stiff a bank?

The Dollar Vigilante has a new feature — a monthly advice column called “Dear Slavey.” It started off with a bang on July 2, when “Slavey” advised some poor credit-card serf to “Just. Don’t. Pay.” No surprise, this drew feedback and some heated back-and-forthing about the morality of keeping one’s pledges. Slavey’s position is that banks are corrupt from top to bottom and unilaterally change their “agreements” with us at will, so eff ’em all. Besides, businesses walk away from billions of dollars in debt without an eyeblink. He does warn, however, that in some states you can now be…


Tuesday links

Our politicians should be so partisan! (H/T MJR) Another reason to have a dog. Or at least let the kidlets play in the dirt. Sweet dog-and-his-boy story via MamaLiberty. Oy. Now the security state is worried about drone hijackings. Me, I figure some of my friends could make better uses of drones than the gummint ever will. Bacon or bagel for breakfast? Well, if you don’t count the nitrates … Wendy McElroy has a new book out. Sounds like a must-read. Small-scale farming. Not just cool and trendy — but creating a new profit model? Considering relocating offshore? Panama just…


Monday musings

Summer comes suddenly in these parts, often turning up (as it did this year) after a relentlessly cold, wet spring. I once heard an explanation about it — something to do with a high-pressure ridge offshore that has to build up a certain amount of … oh, something or another. But once it does … whatever it has to do … man, it’s glorious. It might only be glorious for a week, but it’s a brilliant week. That’s this week. So along with everyone else in the neighborhood, I’ve been outside hammering and painting. When I’m not out “working” on…


The travlin’ Klaf family:another view of freedom

I got a cheery Independence Day hello from Gabi Klaf. Never mind that Gabi, Kobi, and the kids are Israelis; never mind that they’re currently in Cambodia. They’re celebrating an all-American Fourth of July for fabulous reasons. You remember the Klafs. Last we heard from them, in October, the adventurous family was in Panama. Or was it Columbia? Ecuador? Hard to keep track. They’ve been in five or six places since then, spending a long time in each one and immersing themselves deeply in every experience. Since this is a week for celebrating lots of forms of freedom, for celebrating…

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Don’t fall with the empire

Happy Independence Day, one and all. Yeah, I know. “Independent of what?” you might ask. King George was a pussycat compared with today’s rulers. But we can still celebrate the ideal if not a national reality. And for sure, for always, we can celebrate our own inner independence. —– This is going to be short. I have just one thing to say. And while I’d like to put it in rhyme and make it an anthem, time and lack of talent demand prose: Don’t fall with the empire. People tell us that declaring (or going off and living) individual freedom…


Tuesday links

I like what Tam calls her miscellany posts: tab clearing. Sometimes I have so many “Oh! I must write about this!” articles open that there’s nothing to do but just sigh and toss them all out at you in their naked form.* So here goes: Speaking of naked, in the first of today’s Heroic Protectors in Blue items, well, read for yourself. I’d rather not put it in a family publication. If a cop did that to my daughter I’d serve his gonads to the dogs. Second Heroic Protectors item: DHS trains Border Patrol agents to run and hide if…


Things to do instead of (or after) getting mad

After John Roberts’ Obamanable decision on Obamacare, Joel guessed that I would be holed up somewhere, fondling serious weaponry. Not unless you consider a hammer to be weaponry. I’ve spent the days since my last blog banging on the back of the house. Not in destruct-o-mode. But putting up trim and cedar singles. I love cedar shingles. Not only are they the most beautiful of all house sidings. But they smell sublime. And shingling is something I can do entirely by my lonesome. Great sense of personal power in that. So I’ve had three days of pure satisfaction broken by…