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Month: March 2013

Third question: Who guards the guardians?

Even as the armed individual remains the key to self and community defense, sophisticated societies inevitably develop specialization. It seems likely that even Libertopia would end up with a professional class of protectors, bounty hunters, or armed “insurance agents” (ala L. Neil Smith’s North American Confederacy). Which brings us to the ancient dilemma, “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” Third question: In this or any other society, is it possible to ensure that armed, organized enforcers respect the rights of individuals and hold themselves to the fundamental rules of civil society? If so, what would put such a check on their behavior…


Second question: Can freedom be made attractive?

I’m borrowing this idea from puptent and Pat, who posted similar, but not quite the same, questions: Second question: Is it possible to make freedom (including the aspect of personnel responsibility) attractive? Is it feasible to inspire people to see that the free will of a thinking individual is more noble than obedient citizenship? If so, what are some ways this might be done?


First question: Peaceful rollback of tyranny?

Thanks for all the input on the “five questions on the state of freedom” project. I’ll be laying low this week (though I will be checking in to approve comments that slip into the moderation queue). So here you go, Commentariat: solve the problems of the world. 😉 First question: Now that tyranny and its accompanying economic destruction have come so far, do you believe that there is likely to be any peaceful solution for restoring freedom? If so, what solutions do you envision? And specifically how do you see them working? I’m talking about political freedom here — not…


Five questions on the state of freedom

I apologize for the “lite” blogging. As you may have noticed, I’m suffering the worst case of winter blues I’ve ever had (compounded by daily doses of the bad news I’m always recommending that everybody else avoid). I’m beat and need renewal. So I’m going to spend next week mostly away from the computer. Rather than let the blog go dark, I thought I’d preschedule some blogitude every day from Monday through Friday of next week. Here’s what I’d like to do: Pose a different question each morning about the state of freedom today (personal, political, global, First-Second-Fourth Amendment, whatever)…