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Month: March 2013

Sheesh. They sound just like Ayn Rand villains.

Not having a TV has led to complete, catastrophic cultural isolation. As an example of this savage, self-caused social disconnect: I never learned to pronounce the name “Duchovny.” And now I cannot tell you whether the name “Kutcher” is sounded like more “crutch-er” or “cooch-er.” It’s a tragedy of unfathomable proportions. After first giving up the telescreen, I even had to forego watching great commercials. Since they are among the great creative gems of our time, it was nearly an unbearable loss. Somehow I soldiered on. Eventually the miracle of YouTube brought the Budweiser clydesdales — and those wonderful Dalmatians…


Don’t send me any more bad news, okay? Pretty please with sugar on it, thank you.

A lot of people have my email address these days (unlike in the past when I still imagined a private life was compatible with being on the Internet). Most of those who have it are good people. Many are good friends. Many also help by sending me news links. And it really has been helpful; there are days when nearly everything I post comes from such emails. Or when one of those emails leads to some productive train of thought. But enough. If you’ve been sending me links to bad news, please stop. I don’t need to know about the…


Friday freedom question

Since last week’s Five Freedom Questions led to such excellent discussion, let’s do that again. And maybe semi-regularly from now on. A multi-parter for today and this weekend: A. How old were you when you got your first glimmer of freedomista consciousness and what brought it about? B. How old were you when you became (or realized you already were) a full-blown, principled freedomista and what brought that about?


Nooz and a good laugh

You know, it takes a lot more brainpower to write long, thoughtful, personal posts than it does to toss out a little news (maybe accompanied by a bit of snark or righteous indignation). So while I continue working on the “Perspective” Blog Tome, news (and one really good laugh) it is for today. “Anonymous has left the building.” “The logic of surveillance.” (H/T JG) This isn’t exactly nooz. It’s from last month. But it makes me proud that the Northwest is a national center of anti-surveillance activism. You go, monkeywrenchers! This pertains to yesterday’s “Perspective” blog. Gretchen Rubin of The…



Over the winter, I lost perspective. I did precisely what I warn against: I let other people — evil, agenda-driven, elitist, even downright moronic people — control my mind. From the day of the Newtown shootings, I felt braced against some invisible force, as though I were trying to push back against something powerful but at the same time something not there. Something that had to be resisted, that would be resisted, but was too formless to resist. Eventually, the force took shape, as we all knew it would: the media onslaught of lies, ignorance, and strident demands about firearms…


Libertas Media podcasts

I’ve been really remiss in reporting on the new Libertas Media Project — the amazing Brian Wilson’s answer to the cravens who canned him from his regular long-time radio-hosting gig a few months back. Libertas is part of the big, glorious, and increasingly successful effort to take information out of the hands of corporate gatekeepers and put it back where it belongs. Despite my woeful neglect ;-), Libertas Media podcasts are going strong. So far some have featured solos by Brian while others have been interviews with Lew Rockwell and Tom Woods. Look for Judge Napolitano and (no doubt) Jim…


What I did on my winter vacation

Nothin’. Well, mostly nothin’. I did use up the rest of last year’s amazing apple crop making two kinds of chutney and lots of applesauce (some of which will turn into apple butter). But I’m done with that phase of my life now. The dogs are glad it’s over. Boiling chutney makes them sneeze. The tang of fruit cooked in vinegar with pungent spices makes the house smell really nice for days (IMO; NSM in the dogs’ O). Other than that, nothin’. —– I did start re-reading Atlas Shrugged, which I got last Christmas. Hadn’t visited it in maybe 10…


Fifth question: Envisioning the future

Fifth question: Envision the state of freedom in your world (or your children’s world) 25 years from now. Some possible things to consider: What will have improved? What gotten worse? Will people be happier with their lot or more miserable? More prosperous or poorer? Will government be more dominant or will it have been forced to retreat? Will people be in a numb, controlled, frightened, surveilled condition, or will they have declared overt or covert independence? What key events will have led to whatever state of freedom you envision? Define “your world” any way you like. It could be the…


Fourth question: Feeding the hogs

The following is a question I know we’ve all pondered. Yet in a way it’s imponderable. So we tend to come up with glib, macho, chest-thumping answers. Or we don’t answer at all because silence is the wiser choice. Still, it’s on a lot of minds. UnReconstructed asked the question in its fullest, most individual (and most ironic) form. I’ll try to paraphrase it into more mundane, more cautious, reality. Fourth question: At some point, political Intolerable Acts become truly, personally intolerable. The long train of abuses has to halt. We’ve already seen people (including perhaps ourselves) submit to more…