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Month: April 2013

Emergency management and the rest of us

Was growling over last week’s semi-useless disaster preparedness talk and pondering the wisdom of some of your comments. Then I came upon this: John Longenecker’s thoughts on why emergency management (EM) “experts” are having such a hard time getting through to the rest of us. (Tip o hat to the Dutchman over on Sipsey Street.) Longenecker says (in short) that the fact that millions are buying guns shows we’re more than willing to take responsibility and prepare for danger. We’re just not buying the elitist, top-down, “do it to us” (as opposed to “do it with us”) approach to disaster…


Today’s headlines

Joe Biden confesses: “I’m a moron and a waste of taxpayer dollars!” Police department investigates itself and declares: “Guilty! We demand to be prosecuted!” Eric Holder charged in “Operation Gunwalker”; ATF to be disbanded. Obama orders immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops from ______________ saying, “They can’t be there unless Congress declares war.” Feinstein and Schumer admit hypocrisy; dismiss personal bodyguards. DEA chief’s shocker: “Asset forfeiture without due process is illegal.” Ben Bernanke fired; replaced by Lew Rockwell. Supreme Court decrees: “All of the Bill of Rights for all people all the time.” American people wake up; demand privacy, accountability,…