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Puppycide Kickstarter campaign has relaunched!

Hooray! The Kickstarter campaign to fund Puppycide: The Documentary has relaunched!

Last time, they drew more than $60,000 in pledges from nearly 1,000 supporters. But their goal was $100,000 and Kickstarter is all-or-nothing.

Now they’ve named a more modest goal: $40,000, with the aim of making a 30-minute film instead of full-length feature. The donors are already rushing back, and I’ve rushed with ’em. It appears that supporters are pledging more than before. If you pledged during the last effort, I hope you’ll have another go.


  1. Coyote Hubbard
    Coyote Hubbard November 22, 2013 10:34 am

    I tossed in a few bits for this. Perhaps this time around they will even exceed the original amount and can do the full doc. Looking good so far.

  2. Claire
    Claire November 22, 2013 11:47 am

    Thanks for pitching in, Coyote Hubbard. Yeah, they’re halfway to goal in well under two days! Looks as if many people who backed them before (and got email updates on the relaunch) have upped their pledges.

    Man, crowdfunding is the kind of “democracy” I can really get behind!

  3. MaryAnn
    MaryAnn November 25, 2013 11:26 am

    As a retired female ACO &Humane Society Cruelty Investigator (25 years)I was witness to such horrific actions both during and often after such incidents. The majority were done by police who were scared to death of any med-large dog. Trying to save face they would shoot the dog with weak or ridiculous excuses after. I was not allowed to raise grievances against them due to political reasons as they were often called to back us up on cruelty search and seizures and known violent offenders. This was not reason enough in my opinion as we were both in law enforcement …especially as a ASPCA officer we were sworn to protect animals, unfortunately we were also Animal Control Officers sworn to protect the public. Going against the police was perceived as counter productive according to our weak and sell out management. I am in full support of this documentary.I had ulcers and many sleepless nights over the many incompetent and cruel actions I had witnessed. If I reached the scene in time to take over,the police were glad to step aside.The key to prevention is qualifying the officers during training with scenarios with real dogs.They will be surprised to see how many men fear dogs..esp. those not their own. Also, I more than once stated to management that had I shot a person , no police would look the other way so why did we…Answer: “You are not a Team Player” I thank God no one ever hurt my sweet (big) dog because she was like my 2nd daughter.”Not a Team Player” would look like high praise indeed compared to how I would react.I felt bad for all those dogs and their owners. We were left with the task of notifying the owners. I told them the facts and stressed I would be glad to testify in court but no one ever followed rough with their vows to seek justice.

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