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Self-care for activists

Just in time, Elizabeth Tate of Students for Liberty offers self-care tips for activists.

I especially applaud, appreciate, and understand that last one: Make Something Tangible.

In my experience it always helps if the materials used in the tangible “something” are earthy and natural: rock, brick, dirt, cotton, wool, wood, etc.

Today I sort wool and locate matching wooden needles. Tomorrow … I knit. We’ll see about the day after.


Via Rational Review News.

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  1. jed
    jed November 2, 2014 5:44 am

    Of the things listed, I’ll go with #4 and #5. Of course, if you go out and get some exercise, and spend time making tangible things, and also start taking naps, you’ll have less time for things such as Facebook anyway.

    Making something tangible — doesn’t that tie into something else we’ve read recently, about how hapiness and/or contentment is enhanced by feeling a sense of progress?

    I’ve read a few articles indicating that our bodies aren’t really designed for a single episode of sleep in our circadian cycle. Not sure about that one.

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