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Month: February 2015

This Saturday in Olympia, Washington (and the defense fund)

This Saturday, February 7, open carry activists will meet at the Washington state Capitol and some of them plan to risk arrest. This is in response to fiat decrees from both the state House and Senate forbidding OC in their galleries. They invite others along for moral support, to film events, or simply to listen to speakers (of which there is an impressive roster, including Mike Vanderboegh and Rep. Matt Shea, who has introduced a bill to repeal the ghastly Bloombergian I-594). I’ve got complicated thoughts about this event and will not be there. But David Codrea asks us fence-sitters…


Knoppix Thumb Drives from Mark (aka Greylocke)

A bit over two years ago, I blogged about the wonderful project made possible by two readers of Living Freedom: Mark’s (Greylocke’s) files of survival info installed onto a bootable Knoppix thumb drive by Scott (The Fat Man). The device gives portable access to a wealth of preparedness info. It can be carried in a bug-out bag and the files accessed from whatever USB port is handy. (It will be bootable only on devices capable of booting from a USB drive, but that’s pretty common these days.) Mark describes the contents: The Knoppix Thumb Drive Project … contains a full…


Midweek miscellany

Arrested for resisting arrest. When you weren’t being arrested in the first place. Even NPR is starting to notice the absurdities of the police state. (H/T PT) Speaking of which, Wendy McElroy posted this and it certainly bears repeating: 22 reasons not to trust police. Nine car models without fatalities. (When you fill up that 15-mpg SUV, you shake your head. Then you read something like this.) Gun banner lies are getting worse. But some libeled parties are fighting back. And some victims that the antis crave to exploit say, “Go stuff it!” Bovard on Holder’s lawless legacy. Yet more…


Vin answers: ‘Our entire universe is contained in the mind and the spirit’

A month ago, some “interesting” discussion developed around my mini-review of Vin Suprynowicz’s (highly recommended) new book The Testament of James. Religious sensibilities were offended by the thought of finding God via chemical assistance. (Never mind that trying out those unfamiliar mushrooms or leaves probably informed all the world’s religions at some point.) Now, with support from some very important biochemists, Vin answers one commenter’s most vehement objections. —– Feel free to comment here or at Vin’s place. But this time (unlike last) trolls, if any, will be spotted and ejected more quickly.


The Last Will and Testament of Ava Wolfe

MJR sent this very sweet and inspirational last will and testament of a well-loved dog:


I thought it was lovely, of course. And very true. Well, mostly true. But it got me thinking about kind of wills Ava and Robbie would write. After all, Robbie’s going to turn 14 in a couple of months and even eternal-puppy Ava will turn 10 later this year. So it’s time to think of such things.

Robbie would be easy. His last will would probably say, “Do whatever you want with my stuff. Just don’t bother me; I’m trying to sleep.”

Ava, OTOH … well, Ava would definitely not share the sentiments of the generous old dog in the graphic. Let me make a guess at her last will:


SuperBowl Sunday in SeaHawkland; and wrapping up the January minimalist-spending experiment

Walked to the grocery store this morning, arriving just before opening. The lot was nearly full and the street outside lined with parked pickup trucks and SUVs. Unheard of on a Sunday morning. Clerk opened the doors — and out of those vehicles poured guys. I’m guessing there were six men for every one woman.

It’s SuperBowl Sunday in the NorthWest and the local team is playing for the second year in a row.