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Month: February 2015

Midweek miscellany

The Lt. Gov. of Texas asked the Chancellor of the Texas A&M University System to weigh in on campus carry of firearms. Pretty good response (pdf) for a bureaucrat. He nails the central issue: trust. (H/T LarryA) The legalization of pot and “drugged” drivers who aren’t. The rich and the poor. Which in this case also seems to extend to the powerful and the powerless. They both cheat but from very different motives. Bovard on Obama’s rosy belief that the U.S. can squander its way to prosperity. The Freedom Feens say that effective libertarians (blush) study Claire Wolfe. (That one…


What not to wear after 50 :-)

On the lighter side: Michelle Combs writes the definitive guide to what not to wear after you turn 50. You guys of the male persuasion probably imagine there’s nothing here for you, but you might want to have a look, anyhow. Language is NSFW. Thoughts are more than safe for anybody. Cheers. 🙂


Dear Internet: Is is time to break up?

Dear Internet,

I loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you. I saw your potential when you were just a raw young thing, before you even knew yourself.

I was wowed by your intellectual promise as early as 1987, when you helped me upload an article to a magazine editor (oh, that 300 baud brainpower!). You seduced me with your charm when a single funny FidoNet remark about “being in Claire’s shoes” led to a long romance. I remember my first glimpse of the real, mature you, when a client said, “Hey, you’ve got to see this. It’s this thing called Netscape that gets you on to something called the Worldwide Web.”

Oh, those were the days!

You and I were destined for each other. It was clear.

You were so gallant at first. Without you, my first book would have disappeared into underground press obscurity. You kept that from happening. You introduced me to entire new communities of friends. And what friends they were! Bright, committed, liberty-loving people who would never have found each other — if not for you. You were the great personality who drew us all together. You were the charismatic leader, the spark that lit the bonfire, the grand beating heart of something new and awesome. You made it possible for us all to experience and explore things we’d never dreamed.

You were the center of the world. You still are. But something’s changed.


Weekend links

Australia’s oldest man, aged 109, still … um knits sweaters for penguins. (H/T jed) In your face: The Inaugural Muhammed Art Exhibit and Contest. Big prizes. Great poster illustration. 🙂 Charles Manson deserves this. He deserves much, much, much more than this of course. But he deserves this. The double lives of Hasidic atheists. Violence against Jews doesn’t exist in the strange crevasses of Obama’s mind. First thought (quickly suppressed): If only it were true. Wouldn’t want it to come to that pass. But am glad to see politicians fearing it. So which country in the world demands the most…


The strange case of Alecia Faith Pennington

Young woman takes to YouTube to bemoan her total lack of government ID and ask for aid from the public. She says her parents will not help her get the government docs that will enable her to work, fly, bank, file taxes, etc.. Some of the basics. Her F*c*b**k page, with updates. Parents deny her assertions about them. But much moon-battery and creepitude appears to be involved. The family seems amazingly messed up, which means a sideshow becomes the main attraction. The real question, of course, is why anyone requires such lifelong “official” recognition from government merely to function in…


Going coastal (plus thoughts on small town Big Brother and running like hell in event of tsunamis)

They were having a three-nights-for-two special at the little coastal studio I found last year, so off I went. Even without the special, I can’t believe I can rent this place for less than the price of a Motel 6 room. And I’ve never known a Motel 6 room to have a private balcony, a fireplace with Prest-o-Log, a stained-glass window, a private garden, and complimentary coffee beans and mugs. Did I mention the peek-a-boo ocean view? And this year the room came equipped with two kites. (One of these days they’re going to figure out what a tiny treasure this place is and start charging more seriously & that’ll be the end of that.)

Big flaw: not dog friendly. I was going to board the canine kids, but it got to bugging me that it would actually cost more for their accommodations than mine. Fortunately a neighbor couple stepped in to pup-sit.

So a very nice time is being had by all. But this year a bag of coffee beans wasn’t the first surprise at the little studio.


Tuesday links

Oh yeah, let’s “fix” I-594 by making exceptions for only ones. ‘Cause you know, only us peasants (e.g. we who don’t work for the state or its cronies) ever commit crimes. The day long feared has arrived. Samsung warns customers to be careful what they say in the vicinity of their “smart” TVs. And we’re just supposed to lie back and enjoy it now that the loss of privacy is “inevitable.” “Impaired Self Defense.” Good observations by MamaLiberty. The SunSaluter. Interestingly simple concept from one of Peter Thiel’s young Fellows. A solar tracker/water filter. Looks like it would be most…


Weekend links

In Washington state and in Colorado, banks (caught between state opportunity and federal terror tactics) struggle to deal with new cannabis businesses. Well, now those who won’t comply with the outrages of I-594 are not just “extremists” (per Gottlieb) but “a clique of gadflies” (per a Gottlieb henchman). Remember people: if you want a seat at the table so you can help Our Masters arrange the terms of our extermination, always comply-comply-comply with the law. Any law. We don’t care what law. It’s the LAW! Where oh where is Germany’s gold? Jim Bovard looks back on redneck ethnic cleansing that…


Laddie’s Tale

The following is by MamaLiberty. She sent it to me a few weeks ago to pass along to the local animal rescue group. Then she reminded me that I could use it here, also. So here you go; something nice to relieve the stress of real life and unreal nooz. Laddie’s Tale By Susan Callaway Laddie gets a homemade treat each morning when he cleans up his breakfast. He takes it to his bed and savors each bite, then vacuums the pad and rug around it to capture each molecule. This morning, as usual, he got done with that and…