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Survival thumb drives: A reminder from Greylocke

Last month I blogged about those bootable Knoppix thumb drives containing files of preparedness info.

Greylocke, who’s now making the drives (from unopened, buyer-supplied USB sticks), asked me to post a reminder.

Seems only a handful of people have so far taken him up on the offer. And it is for a limited time, so if you’re interested, check the instructions, then go for it.

He’s hoping somebody else will step up to take the project over from where it was left when his colleague Scott died. He also writes: “I am hoping to bring some more capability to the project by finding someone to write an app for android phones so they can be used as a packet ham radio station with a ht like the baofeng uv5r. That way you can have somewhat secure digital comma with the least amount of gear just a ht a cell phone and a cable to connect the two. Maybe a fold up twinlead j-pole to increase the range.”

Um … if you understand what he just said (and don’t ask me!) and you’re interested, please use the link above to get in touch with him.

Even if all that was as Greek to you as it was to me, the bootable drive with survival files is still a good thing to have. And believe me, it doesn’t require much technical knowhow to use.

Details and contact info here.


  1. Fred
    Fred March 16, 2015 3:46 pm

    I like the idea with the baofeng though I dont understand the concept,encrypted?Cant do that over air AFAIK,is this for TEOTWAWKI type comms?Love to hear more as he develops the idea.Still lovin on that little UV5R HT,amazing doodad for 35 bucks!

  2. James
    James March 16, 2015 11:51 pm

    Ham radio ops are hammy.

    Fold up j-pole antenna is a roll up ladderline antenna for vhf and uhf that will fit into a sandwich bag when stowed. eg: These work great with handheld radios as the normal antenna, rubber duckies, have limited bandwidth. I use a jpole on my 2meter base station. and it’s all about antenna height.

    Packet (digital) on a baofeng is constrained to the limited in range by low power and inherent constraints of VHF and UHF frequencies and available repeaters in your area. But I like the idea of mating android and inexpensive HT’s. These coms will be in no way secure though.

    Appreciate you Ms. Wolfe.

  3. Mark/GreyLocke
    Mark/GreyLocke March 17, 2015 10:32 am

    Packet can transfer small files, such as a password protected zipped or compressed text file. And while you cannot “encrypt” communications on the HAM bands, that doesn’t mean you cannot pw protect a small zip file with a text file inside it.

    That is the reading I got from an Extra in my area who is an attorney. He did say the file must be small, under 30-40k in size.

    And if TSHTF, who is going to be policing the ham bands?


  4. Fred
    Fred March 17, 2015 11:46 am

    Right now Im just using a car magnet mount antenna,and that alone does quite well with the Boafeng.

    For price and bang for buck Im going with a copper J pole .Going to grow a vine on it,just because it wont look like a typical antenna.I kinda like not ‘broadcasting’ to prying eyes what Im up to.

    Can buy one for about 40 dollars,so I dont have to have the equipment to dial in a homemade,its coming,but for me Im doing this with a budget.

  5. Fred
    Fred March 17, 2015 2:15 pm

    Mark,James,can you talk a little more about packets? Im a newbie/general.

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