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Month: May 2015

Monday links

John Silveira’s famous Backwoods Home classified ad continues to live on 18 years later. It’s already become an indie movie and helped launch a director’s burgeoning career. (H/T DD) Kentucky Authoritahs grab 10 kids, apparently just because they’re unschooled and live off grid. Hearing today. Wish this family good fortune. So lessee. Reading to your kids is about the best way in the world to give them a head start. Better than fancy private schools. Which means that the proper response is … quit doing it and maybe even eliminate families. Huh? “Harrison Bergeron” indeed. I’ve just added a new…


Friday links

You know those famous electronic billboards in Times Square? LOL, the feds apparently demanded NYC take them all down. “Highway beautification,” you know. Then just that quickly, they denied making the demand. But turns out the signs are in violation of fedlaw. Governing highways. To paraphrase Kipling, “… if once you have paid him the taken his Dane-geld, you never get rid of the Dane.” Like Pamela Geller or loathe her, she has a point. One might wish the current crop of liberal authoritarians had as good a grasp on the meaning of free speech. Sigh. Didja ever think you’d…


Oh, the wearying rage

UPDATE: August 18, 2017. Christopher Cantwell — an angry supposed libertarian at the time I wrote this post — has since moved into the dark world of white supremacy and hatred of Jews. This is the second time I’ve known someone to do this. It’s incomprehensible to me how someone could rush (and in both cases they did rush) from individualist to the worst sort of collectivist. All I can say is that in both cases the a**holes in question were consumed with anger even before they made the change. When I write this post back in 2015, I found…


Fundraisers for Nicki

I’m way behind the curve on this! But there are a couple of fundraisers underway to help Nicki rescue her house from child-molesting squatters who (with the help of a judge) have taken it over. Fundraiser one: Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks is auctioning two holsters (one righty, one lefty). Fundraiser two: Another Friend of Nicki has raised $5,500 toward a goal of $10,000 to help Nicki fight for her house and her rights in court on July 9. The story is outrageous. It’s the story not only of lying, child-diddling squatters in her rental house, but of a “justice” system…


Wednesday links

I’m not sure why libraries are installing 3D printers. Implications could be intriguing. (H/T Pat) Ancient DNA is telling us we’ve been all mixed up much more than previously supposed. Garland, Paris, Charlie Hebdo and dangerous myths. Well done. Garry Trudeau should be ashamed. The question Joss Whedon keeps asking. (I’m not sure that’s the question at all; interesting article anyhow.) Overkill on medical testing and procedures. When I saw the headline I suspected another creepy Emanuelesque justification of diminishing medical care. This is the genuine good stuff, though. She suffered through cancer. Then she designed the cards she would…


Tuesday links

Henceforth, I am going to charge $500,000 per blog post and I urge all of you to inform your employers or clients that that is also now your standard fee for doing any work or even making an appearance. If you’re an employer, tough luck to you. ‘Cause after all, we’ve “gotta pay our bills” don’t we? Perhaps Bill and Hill both need a dose of this. OMG, FEMA is holding a national Preparathon and I forgot to sign up with the government! I’ll bet you did, too. Oh no! This must mean we’re all dooooooomed!!! Yeah, that’s what you…


How The Imitation Game is a terrible, awful, really stinkingly bad movie and why it’s a perfect example of why I loathe h-wording and i-wording films

I really wanted to like The Imitation Game. I mean, what could be more engrossing than a film about genius Alan Turing breaking the Nazis’ Enigma code while being just a few years away from tragic destruction? Starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Seriously. What could be better?

I finally got to watch this movie on DVD recently and I’ll tell you what could be better: Being dipped upside down in alternating vats of tar and maple syrup.

I’ll put the rest behind the “more” link to spare those who don’t like long, frothing anti-movie rants. Or who want to avoid spoilers.


Doings around town

Just a short post. I’m going to close down for most of the next three days. Will pop in occasionally to check comments, but otherwise be out in the sun hammering and nailing. —– We had a big old bee swarm on our street a couple of days ago. I could have seen it from my windows had I known. But the woman with the trees full of bees didn’t have my phone number handy and wasn’t venturing out to inform the neighborhood. Never saw a “live” bee swarm. I think it would be cool. The beekeeping neighbor who eventually…