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Month: May 2015

Wednesday links

So … how much impact, if any, do you think Obama’s ban carefully structured limitation on further cop militarization will have? (H/T MJR) Only in the 21st century: Social Network Dysmorphia. Incoming Boston University professor Saida Grundy first made news with a series of racist, sexist, and historically ignorant tweets. But that was so last week. It’s even hard to find those tweets now, since news came out that she also trolled and taunted a white rape victim. And acted like a generally arrogant ass, besides. Teach your children well, folks. ‘Cause “higher education” is increasingly unlikely to do it.…


Going stir crazy

Six days and 6-1/2 hours since breaking my &^%$#@! hecky-darned ankle, I’m going stir crazy.

I’m trying to be such a good girl. Aside from an itty-bitty pretty much token walk each morning and afternoon for Robbie (three or four doors down and back, wearing the fracture boot, of course), I’ve been sitting around with my foot elevated, applying heat, gentle massage, and just today a lovely cayenne-pepper cream MamaLiberty told me how to whip up.

Every book I have around the house is a deadly bore. I’ve developed computer vision syndrome (better known in the real world as eye strain). And I’m now on my second-in-a-row viewing of the entire Harry Potter movie series, which is the only thing keeping me from going bonkers.

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling half-human for the first time. I ventured a slightly longer walk in the afternoon — and paid for it today. (That pepper cream really helped, though!)

Tomorrow I need to fetch Ava from Furrydoc’s boarding kennel and that’s going to be interesting. She’s an energy hound who expects to walk/run at least two miles a day in addition to sessions of tennis-ball fetching and tug-o-war. Haven’t found anybody else to do that for her. Sorry, Ava.

But I’m not complaining. Really I’m not. And not feeling sorry for myself (though I’m unaccustomed to fussing over my health and dislike being babied, even if I’m the one doing the babying).

I’m feeling lucky it wasn’t worse. And lucky I have a job I can do while sitting around with my feet up. And lucky to have a little (or a lot) of help from my friends.

Besides, as a person who appreciates aesthetics, I find the colorfulness of this experience quite entrancing.

Don’t click on the “more” link unless you appreciate rich colors where bland color ususally prevails. This is what things look like six days (and 6-1/2 hours) after the event. The swelling’s gone down considerably but the colors keep “improving” all the time.


Weekend links

The Boy Scouts: doing their best to close the gender gap. (Yeah, don’t ask me how that became their mission.) By Eagle Scout Jim Bovard. And don’t even get my friendly local Scout leaders started on the Michelle Obama-inspired (recently) new requirements for the cooking badge. Where’d the fun go? Any kid who had to learn cooking that way would probably avoid the kitchen for the rest of his life. You want to be treated with dignity? Behave with dignity. (Via ML who, like me, doesn’t agree with all Ringer’s points but thinks the overall piece is spot on.) Six…


Want a job at the DEA? Oh, the perks!

The Drug Policy Alliance has decided to “help” the DEA find a new leader. 🙂 Current drug-war boss Michele Leonhart is leaving because of the little matter of her agents hanging out* at sex parties funded by drug cartels. This could be an opportunity for you! (No, not the sex parties, though perhaps those, too. The boss job, silly.) —– * No pun intended.


Well, hecky-darn. It was broken after all.

I was so sure my ankle wasn’t broken. It’s broken. Not a terrible break. Hairline. Now instead of hobbling around in a pressure bandage I’m hobbling around in a fracture boot. Which helps — as long as I don’t trip over the stiff old thing and break something else. As always, I get by with a little help from my friends. Friends who pushed me to take this more seriously and friends who know much more than I do about dealing with such things. Friends who gave generously of their time and expertise. I hate going to doctors. The prospect…


Thursday links

Find a hidden treasure at auction. Give it back. You’re a better man than I. It’s a bad idea, but a provocative thought experiment. “What if, just for a change of pace, it was the opponents of free speech whose ideas were deemed hateful?” Though the lede is about investing in the new cannabis industry, the most fascinatingly weird part is about the work being done in laboratories to isolate (then market) product with specific properties. So we know birds came from dinosaurs. Now scientists have taken chicken embryos part of the way back. Honest, I thought it was The…


Wednesday links

Conservatives are boring and stodgy even when they finally come out and advocate civil disobedience. Libs are nevertheless horrified. A “Martin Luther of gun-rights”? Well, hardly people. But sounds like a good guy anyhow. The New York Times discovers the obvious: just because you make healthy food available to the poor doesn’t mean they’ll rush out and buy it. “Who are you and what have you done with Bob Owens?” Armed Lutheran does a more detailed takedown on Owens’ Bloombergian “blame the gun” L.A. Times blart. (Via Sipsey Street.) And here’s the NSFW version. An “abstinence only” high school has…


Oy, sucha day

I start to take the dogs for their morning walk, put my foot wrong, and come down on the side of my ankle with a pain I thought was going to knock me out.

After five minutes of sitting in the road seeing stars, I’m able to get up and hobble back to the house. Dogs are looking at me like I’m totally betraying them. “But … but … it’s walk time, Mommy!!!”

And that’s just for starters …