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Weekend links

  • Sorry. But when it comes to security, I can’t agree that this makes the Tesla any more secure than a Jeep.
  • Nor do these systems make homes more “smart.” (The last bit, with the dog and the hot tub, was pretty good, though.)
  • “This vet is not a threat.” Oath Keepers, three percenters, and even local sheriffs and legislators rally to prevent the VA from confiscating guns. The resistance is building.
  • Meanwhile, the NRA would like to see more abuse of gun owners/buyers in the dubious name of “mental health.” They don’t get it, do they, what the rising tide of “mental illness” is actually about? Useful idiots.
  • Hm. Wonder if the EPA will bring criminal charges against itself?


  1. Dana
    Dana August 8, 2015 12:09 pm

    Now, now. The guns and mental health thing can be legitimate. A really good doctor (such as my own wonderful personal physician) really does care about the whole person and is really there to address their overall health. That includes both emotional and physical well being, as well as personal safety. So I can certainly see reasons for issues surrounding one’s gun ownership to be fair game at the doctor’s office.

    I mean, just having to deal with the IRS can kick off a whole host of health issues — given the stress of that I can see (for example) a patient developing a bona-fide anxiety disorder. Then there might really be a legitimate medical need for the patient to obtain substantial additional weapons and ammunition just to calm down and feel safe again. A good doctor can recognize that and help.

    Or perhaps something’s just a little off with the concealed setup. Perhaps some discomfort, or inadequate stopping power. A good doctor can also spot that, perhaps suggesting something new and shiny from one of the gun mags in the waiting room. Or even if the weapon is spot-on, perhaps the office receptionist can help with fashion tips.

    Depression? Who wouldn’t feel better after, say, getting a shiny new firearm? Now we just need to get Blue Cross to pay for it (legitimate mental health treatment, you know).

    Or even just personal safety? Wouldn’t you want your doctor to tell you if you’re trying to get by with just a .22 and it’s just not going to cut it?

    So I think we really do need to keep the (good) doctors in the loop on this one, and if we’re feeling down or something’s not quite right to let them step in and help us out with appropriate gun and ammo purchases. I mean, shouldn’t we treat mental health issues? Don’t you think this would be effective?

  2. Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger
    Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger August 8, 2015 12:26 pm

    Dana: “I mean, just having to deal with the IRS can kick off a whole host of health issues”

    Good sarc, except you’re too late. I’ve already seen something from the American Psychological Association (remind me to check their history to see if they started in the USSR under Stalin) calling such IRAS related stress a severe symptom of ODD which requires mandatory treatment.*

    Sorry; trying to out over-the-top the APA is like The Onion tryin g to satirize the Obama administration.

    * My sister says Oppositional Defiance Disorder is a family characteristic. [proud smile]
    “Wouldn’t you want your doctor to tell you if you’re trying to get by with just a .22 and it’s just not going to cut it?”

    I thought that’s what Internet gun forums were for.

    Tesla: Unless Tesla’s little network update just firewalled every electropedal car out there and gave them admin passwords at least as different and pseudorandom as the door keys, it isn’t secure. I no more want my car’s systems remotely accesible than I want my “smart” firearms to be remote-controlled.

  3. Bill St. Clair
    Bill St. Clair August 9, 2015 7:09 am

    It will certainly be interesting when somebody steals Tesla’s private key, and uses it to notify every Tesla car in the world of a new software update that does whatever they want.

  4. LarryA
    LarryA August 9, 2015 4:09 pm

    The real question is why the heck the computer that controls steering and brakes is connected to anything outside the car in the first place.

    Other than, “It computes, we can do Wi-Fi!” that is.

    Any wireless connection can be hacked.

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