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Grief + ignorance + hypocrisy: tools to rule

I’m sorry for your grief, Mr. Parker. No parent should have to endure what you suffered. I was keeping my mouth shut when you first went on your blame-the-gun warpath. But now I know you’ve added hypocrisy to your repertoire, sympathy stretches thin:

The father of slain TV reporter Alison Parker says he thinks he will have to buy a gun now that he has decided to be an outspoken advocate for tougher gun laws.

Yeah. So everybody else who owns guns is a maniac waiting to strike. You, OTOH, are … what?

Ignorant, for one:

He says background checks should be done on people who buy weapons at gun shows.

(Scroll down to the 4:40 p.m. update at the above link for these quotes. H/T MJR.)

Nicki’s words bear repeating:

There was no loophole, and no background check that could have prevented Flanagan from getting a firearm! He was not even seeing a psychiatrist! He was not a prohibited person. There is no background check he would not have passed. The fact that he was an entitled jerk, a bad employee, and a crappy co-worker does not make him mentally ill or ineligible to own a firearm.

There is literally no loophole and no law that allowed him – a law abiding citizen, until he pulled that trigger yesterday – to purchase a gun when he should not have been allowed to do so. None.

And yet, in the heat of grief, the push for more ineffective laws that will do nothing but disarm those who have committed no crime continues …


  1. MamaLiberty
    MamaLiberty August 31, 2015 1:44 pm

    I’d love to have an opportunity to take him through the basic pistol class. I’ll bet he’s never held a gun, never been to a gun show, never had to face someone who wanted to harm him or his family – one to one. I’d love to take him to our range here and show him that the individual holding the gun is the only one who actually controls it. I’d love to give him the experience of that kind of control, over himself.

    He’s speaking, most likely, from the same ignorance as a lot of other people who have swallowed the lies of those who would render us helpless. I’d love to have a chance to help him understand the truth.

    Yes, they are often hypocrites, or even worse, but if we simply hate them and reject any chance to convey the truth to them, we are all the ultimate losers. I hope someone will reach out to him and make that offer…

  2. Steve Ramsey
    Steve Ramsey September 1, 2015 11:19 am

    Thus is revealed the new objective of the ant-gun movement:

    Expand the list of “prohibited persons” on a vast scale using whatever means possible including adding ever lower scale legal infractions, definitions in the DSM, testimony of the anti-gun factions in the medical/mental health care community, and use of confinement for mental evaluation by the judiciary.

    Target # 1 will be veterans, particularly combat veterans.

    Target #2 will be anyone who has ever sought any sort of mental heath care for any reason and for any level of severity.

    Target #3 will be those that simply act up in defiance of official edict.

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