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Monday links

  • “This was all planned,” says former State Department inspector general, surprising no one but adding damning detail.
  • Also not surprising: Project Europe is doomed. But did anyone anticipate it would happen this particular way? Do you sometimes feel you’re watching one of history’s major shifts here? Something like the barbarians crossing the frozen Rhine in 406, but in slower motion.
  • Oregon launches its first drive-through pot shop. And in little old Gold Beach, yet, home of BHM. (H/T d)
  • If Bernie Sanders wins, he’d not only be the first Jewish president of the USA, he’d be the first candidate honest enough to admit to not being religious. Unlike, you know, Hillary who’s apparently a devout, lifelong believer in … oh, whatever.
  • You have to dig through the comments to get the message, but it’s possible the fedgov isn’t aiming to kill the Elio, after all.
  • The eight worst guns ever made. Yeah, I know there’s a lot of room for debate on these kinds of lists, but I seriously think they might have really nailed it here, especially on their #1 worst choice.
  • Another flash story via MJR: “Taze.” A few paragraphs; a world of encouragement.


  1. Shel
    Shel February 1, 2016 6:11 am

    And perhaps too late for Obama, as Bill Clinton was the first black president 🙂

    One has to wonder how the Hillary saga will go. Hillary has now said that she would consider appointing Obama to the Supreme Court and the White House has put in it’s gratuitous two cents Although, perhaps, I’m simply hanging on to an unrealistic hope.

    With hindsight, the unraveling of Europe ought not to be a surprise. Simply adding up the numbers makes it obvious, such as in While the Koran may or may not sanction bad behavior, it’s certainly what’s happening.

    Kipling, no slouch, famously declared the cultures eternally incompatible. Thanks to our administration’s policies, as many as possible are coming here, laws be damned, and moderate Muslims are being ignored. We’d better be ready.

  2. R.L. Wurdack
    R.L. Wurdack February 1, 2016 7:11 am

    As to the Elio – the comment stream is unsurprising. Engineering is always a trade of cost vs. function. If trains/planes/cars were “absolutely” safe no one could afford to ride/fly.

    When a multi-billion dollar commercial aircraft development is launched the rule base is agreed to some years before certification. e.g. ‘CFR14 with amendments 1-123.’ Years later when the time has come to certify there are no surprises. (Sometimes agreements are modified in the interim – but they are not forced.)

    In the case of cars many of the rules are not ‘safety’ per se (I give you 5MPH ‘Bumpers’) but industry driven. They can be nefarious. Suzuki Samurai for instance. Often the needs/wants of the consumer are at the end of a long list of others.

  3. peter connor
    peter connor February 1, 2016 8:23 am

    The Bazooka was a bad weapon because it wasn’t powerful enough to stop tanks much of the time! The German Panzerfaust was far superior….

  4. Fred
    Fred February 1, 2016 9:07 am

    Bernie is very religious and a dangerous zealot at that. Let’s see here what all his god claims authority over; where you can go and how you will get there, what is correct to say, when you will submit, what property you shall rent from it, what you may build, what you can purchase, what you may eat, what you can’t know about what you eat, what you may sell, how much of your income you will keep, what your children will know, where your children will spend time, who shall breath their first breath, who is and is not liable for the same action, who may defend themselves and who may not, what the temperature outside shall be, where and when you may pray to lesser gods, where and how you shall have water, what you may leave (and how much) to your posterity, and on and on. There is no power Bernie’s god does not claim unto itself. There is nothing that it does not regulate, outlaw or tax, it even has granted unto itself the authority to decide, without a trial, which of the 7 billion of us shall live to see another day. Bernie is religious alright, a true believer and his god, Statism, is the most dangerous religion in the history of mankind.

  5. MJR
    MJR February 1, 2016 9:51 am

    Mrs. Clinton and the web she weaved and got caught up in… Here is another take on that sorry excuse for a leadership hopeful.

    Re the EU being doomed… In Germany the free ride is finally over for the refugees. It is get a job or get out time.

    I do hope the Elio doesn’t die. The sad thing up here (Canada) is that with the price tag of $6800 base when the exchange rate is applied the cost is $9524 Canadian. A Nissan Micra that seats 4 is $9999 base Canadian. So for an extra $476 I can get a car that will deal with a Canadian winter, seat 4 (not 2) and have twice the storage area not to mention a faster 0 to 60 MPH. The only real advantage would be in parking space because they are much narrower. Oh well, if the Canadian dollar ever comes back from the dead and these go into production I will have a look.

    I was looking at the worst guns link and saw the Krummlauf. One thing they got wrong in the description was the purpose of the rifle. It was designed for armored troops to use as a counter to the practice of allied troops jumping onto tanks and dropping grenades down hatches. One could simply shove the bent barrel out a port, open fire and sweep the top of the tank. It failed due to excessive wear of the barrel by bullets going around the curve and the barrel being very hard to clean. There is one, I have had the “pleasure” of cleaning, at the CFB Borden Military Museum in Ontario Canada. It was a very hard thing to clean because of that stupid barrel.

  6. LarryA
    LarryA February 1, 2016 12:06 pm

    The Bazooka was a bad weapon because it wasn’t powerful enough to stop tanks much of the time!

    IMHO the bazooka was bad because you had to be within 500 feet of the tank. The M-72 LAW was a slight improvement in that the launcher was disposable, so you didn’t have to lug it while trying to evade the pissed-off tank. 😉

    Yeah, I know there’s a lot of room for debate on these kinds of lists, but I seriously think they might have really nailed it here, especially on their #1 worst choice.

    Nope. They failed to include the Armatix.

    The Gyrojet failed because it was backwards.
    1. The gun was cheap, and the ammo expensive, so you constantly have to replace the expensive element.
    2. A bullet starts at muzzle velocity and slows down, which means it’s most effective close up. The Gyrojet’s rockets start slow, and don’t attain effective velocity before they’re out of effective pistol range.

  7. RustyGunner
    RustyGunner February 1, 2016 2:53 pm

    “Taze” brought a smile, I’m going to remember that author’s name in hope of seeing more. The story reminds me of Larry Niven’s short story, “A Cloak of Anarchy”, although the message there is very different in a decidedly statist direction.

    The Gyrojet is the ideal weapon for storming villains’ hollow-volcano lairs, where the round has room to get up to speed; at the muzzle you can stop it with your hand. At least this list wasn’t bashing the Liberator as I’ve seen done recently; for all its cosmetic faults it was the ideal weapon for its purpose, which was a close-range shot through the back of a stahlhelm followed by a quick getaway with a purloined Mauser or MP40.

  8. jed
    jed February 1, 2016 5:00 pm

    The “worst” list fails for not including the Type 94 Nambu. Taking into account the situation at the time, IMHO it’s unfair to hate on the Sten as well. And the Gyrojet? Well, hey, they were trying something different. I’ll give ’em credit for that, despite how poorly it worked.

    I’d bet someone with better firearms knowledge could come up with many things worse than either the Sten, the Bazooka, and the listed LeMat. Hello, Ian?

  9. capn
    capn February 1, 2016 8:00 pm

    After spending a full half hour trying to get either WaPo or BizIn to load I am going to call “Uncle” and Hope that someone with a real internet connection will please give me a text listing of the 8 guns and a link to a text version of the bernie story.

    At least I can access this and other blogs.

    This poverty stuff is not for the squeamish.

  10. jed
    jed February 1, 2016 8:38 pm

    8. Sten gun MK II
    7. The Bazooka
    6. LeMat grapeshot revolver
    5. Krummlauf
    4. Chauchat
    3. Gyrojet
    2. Mars Pistol
    1. Apache pistol

    If the WaPo provided a “print” version, I can’t find a link to it. It won’t work for BusinessInsider, but possibly disabling JavaScript or using the NoScript plugin will get rid of enough gunk that you can load the WaPo page.

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