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Month: May 2016

Critter videos

Source. (H/T K&R) If I ever end up on one of these places, I want a roaming Great Dane. But for a poodle, Nala’s pretty amazing. Source. (H/T Cat. Yes, Cat sent an adorable dog video.)


Tuesday links

Pretty amazing way for a 16-year-old to live. (H/T JB) OTOH, some people may just have too much time on their hands. And hatchets and beer in them. (H/T ML) Speaking of too much time and hands … did you know there’s a (not joking) world of rock-paper-scissors competition? (Tip o’ hat to jed) Looking for some good hard science fiction? (H/T MJR) Get businesses freaked out enough about “discriminating against the disabled” and they’ll fall for anything. 12 lessons to learn and hang onto forever. (Especially for business, but plenty have applications in the rest of the world, too.)…


Burning, not blogging

Meant to get to the library for blogging earlier. But it was a good morning for burning. Just enough rain last night to keep the ground damp but not enough to soak the wood. And hooboy, have I got wood. Last week a minion came and spent a whole day breaking down and stacking all that deconstruction rubble and since then, I’ve been getting rid of it the good, old-fashioned, no-dump-fee way. Today was my fifth construction-rubble fire. These aren’t exactly bonfires, but couldn’t pass as humble little campfires, either. BUT. In addition to getting rid of the unsightly rubble…


Bad blog news

As of now, BHM is no longer paying me to write this blog. Just got word on Saturday. They’re not closing the blog down. I can continue to write it on my own, if I wish. And Dave Duffy has offered me “behind the scenes” types of work and possibly print work to make up for the loss. (BHM is like a good family that way.) Jackie Clay has also been offered similar terms. Only Mas Ayoob’s blog is unaffected, far as I know. Of course, because the Duffys have always allowed me those wonderful Amazon links and occasional use…