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Month: July 2016

On not being the weakest link

Elicitation. Kit Perez wrote an article about it last week. Every one of us should read it. If you haven’t, I’ll wait while you do.


I hadn’t heard the term, but anybody who’s been around the Outlaw scene knows the tactic. It’s a way of getting us to snitch on friends, give away secrets, or incriminate ourselves without us fully realizing what we’re doing.

And it works off our ordinary personality traits — anything from a desire to be polite and helpful to a desire to show how smart and “with it” we are. Which is what makes it so insidious.


Friday links

I’m working on something I hoped to have ready this morning, but given the last few days, I expect you won’t be surprised I’m behind on it. Meantime, here are some links. And thank you for the warm, wise, empathetic comments about Robbie. So many of you have hit the mark so perfectly — and so many of you have been here yourselves. I don’t yet have the heart to respond in comments, but I’ve read the last couple of comment sections over and over. I can’t tell you how much it helps. That this is outrageous, racist, murderous, and…


Farewell, Puppy-Boy

Robbie Wolfe Aka Robbo, Bobbert, Bobaloo, BooBoo, BoBo, Robbie-Bob, Bobbie-Rob, Robbie-Bobbie-Baby-Boy, Robloo, Roblulu, Robble, Robert, Robinkus, Robinky-Boy, Rob-Bob, Robo-Bobbie, Robo-Dobo, RoRo, Sweetie-Boy, Bully-Boy, Dog-Rug, Kissy-Pup, Mr. Licks, and occasionally “Damn you, Robbie!” June (?) 2001 to July 6, 2016 And these two were taken this week. Farewell, my best dog-boy. Who knows; maybe there really will turn out to be a Rainbow Bridge. If so, I’ll meet you and Jasmine there.


Midweek links

Forbid patrons of your business to bear arms, become liable for their safety. (H/T Cat) (Update: See comment by Fred) “Washington’s Hollow Men” by Victor Davis Hanson. Another scathing indictment of the best, brightest, most incestuous, and most corrupt. Wow. Defend pit bulls. Write a book about them. And become a target of threats. (From jc2k in comments.) Fascinating interview about the “bad” breeds. On the death of Elie Wiesel. And Y.B. ben Avraham’s take on him at TZP. Okay, this is verrrrrry politically incorrect. And maybe not so funny. But I laughed anyhow: Nutz-R-Us. Guess what they own and…


In the matter of Hillary’s criminality … at least they’re being honest about their dishonesty

No prosecution for Hillary for exposing state secrets to casual scrutiny and hackery. But the FBI admits — no, bossman Comey himself states — that if one of us damnable peasants did the same thing, matters would be substantially different. Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. … Responsible decisions also consider the context of a person’s actions, and how similar situations have been handled in the past. … To be clear, this is not to suggest that in…


New at The Zelman Partisans

Check it out: The Zelman Partisans has a spiffy new home page, courtesy of volunteer Carl-Bear Bussjaeger. No longer are we “just a blog.” And as our first “beyond the blog” effort, on Independence Day we kicked off a contest to win a rare, historic Israeli Mauser. Put your thinking caps on, and you might eventually display this piece of history your wall. Or for that matter, take it to the range. I also want to call your attention to the handy binoculars TZP got in recently. Their description says “compact.” Little did I know. Since then, I’ve received my…

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Everyday Independence Day and other thoughts

Here we are, less than 250 years after one of human history’s most glorious moments, the supposed beneficiaries of that glory, watching our country crumble. Economic ruin and stagnation. A police state obsessed with surveillance and control. Even formerly all-holy free speech under relentless attack from glassy-eyed apparatchiks.

And even the most unaware among We the Ordinary are beginning to wonder, “How did we get here?”


Weekend links

How J.R.R. Tolkein found Mordor on the Western Front. Simplistic. But with the 100th anniversary of the unthinkable Battle of the Somme, apropos. Bill and Loretta. Yeah, I suppose it’s possible that they really did talk about their families, as Lynch insists with a wink-wink, nod-nod. If so, the conversation probably went like this. The icky privacy news. And the somewhat better. (H/T jc2k in comments) What a cesspit and an illegal tavern tell us about American revolutionary history. Anybody here still living in California? Plan to continue there after this? And how on earth is that background-check-and-registration-for-ammo going to…


Weekend reads

Two very different ones: J.K. Rowling tells of the founding of Ilvermorny, the North American wizarding school. There’s a video, too. The Age of Disintegration. There’s a bit to disagree with. The author doesn’t get the difference between real free markets and crony capitalism within a statist system. But it’s as good an analysis of the Middle East mess — and its western roots — as any.

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