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Month: September 2016


With MamaLiberty’s comment this morning on the “Trouble with Leaders” post, this blog has now had 35,500 comments (not including spam) in its 6+ years. Earlier this summer, Mas Ayoob at Backwoods Home proudly mentioned his 20,000 comments in eight years. I was waiting to spot a nice, round number here, but they’ve flown by so fast I’ve missed them until this morning.


The problem with leaders

The problem with leaders is that we need them. Sometimes. The problem with leaders is that, with all of us humans having been born and bred into hierarchical, authoritarian structures, we monumentally fail to see when we don’t need them. Leaders are useful. When specific tasks need to be performed. When a specific task needs driving from inception to completion, nothing beats a leader (except an excellent bunch of followers, sub-leaders, or inspired independent partners). The best leaders lead by persuasion, example, and inspiration. The worst lead by coercion and intimidation. But leaders of either sort get things done. They…


Hey, where are you all?

Fewer than half the donors whose contributions made them eligible for free memberships have registered over at Claire’s Cabal. We had a gratifyingly lively beta-testing period, but most of the newcomers are being very quiet. How did such a smart, communicative bunch become so reticent? C’mon down, people! Check your emails from last Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. EZ instructions and free-membership coupon codes are in your mailbox. While you’re at it, dear readers, don’t forget that generous pay-it-forward donors (thank you, K, our latest) have funded 16 memberships for others who may not be able to afford it. Of…


Weekend links

  • Local-government control: a campaign issue ignored while the federal government grows and grows and grows. (And yes, you could take this to a local level beyond all government.) (H/T PT)
  • Reminds me of flap over the word “niggardly” a few years back. Ignorami can’t even use a dictionary before embarrassing themselves.
  • A tiny pension plan hints at bigger problems in California’s government pension systems. 11 Comments
  • Don’t rush out and buy this one :-)

    Word is that Hillary’s latest book — a campaign stinker supposedly co-authored with Tim Kaine but obviously churned out by some PR flack in an office that looks like a Dilbert cartoon — is selling just slightly more copies* than the latest piece of fan-fic authored by Mary Sue Glanvick, age 16, featuring herself as the buxom and brilliant native maiden who saves the life and wins the heart of Captain Kirk. Which has not stopped many brilliant reviewers from reviewing it. —– *Although it may be selling more now out of sheer notoriety.