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Month: September 2016

The Big, Scary Project

This afternoon, after putzing at the computer and attending a small holiday festival, I concocted a Virgin Mary and stretched out on a recliner in the back yard. It’s lovely, but it doesn’t feel that summer will be with us very longer. It’s been a muted season, in any case. Not cold, but cloudy and drizzly. The rare occasions the sun’s come out, we’ve been blasted with 95-degree surges, not our usual balmy 70 degrees. But mostly … it’s been just what outsiders think of when they think of the Pacific NorthWET, a land without summer. We already had several…


Weekend links

  • “Anti-think” abounds among social justice pecksniffs. Particularly on the question of arms and the safety of politically correct minorities.
  • One of my personal heroes, Giordano Bruno, was the very model of a Freedom Outlaw Agitator. Not the most prudent guy ever born. Bit of a suckup to powerful patrons; but that’s the way it was back then.
  • Wow. We’re fast approaching a milestone (not) to celebrate. Government employees in the U.S. now outnumber manufacturing employees by a figure that’s pushing 10 million. (The article calls them workers (sic).) 15 Comments
  • Beta

    The site-to-be opened for beta testing this morning. 🙂 Beta crew: check your mailboxes. Depending on the input we get from our 14 beta testers, the operation should open on schedule around mid-month. At that point, everybody who donated $20 or more to the fundraiser will receive an invitation and a code for free membership (with length of membership based on donation amount). At that point, too, the site will be open to paying members. We shall see how this goes. However it goes, I’ll keep you posted and thank you for making both that site and this one possible.…


    Oh, and in all the excitement …

    I forgot to take the “donate” button down last night. It’s gone now and I hope I can keep my pledge to you that this will be truly The Last Fundraiser. It should be, barring disasters. Had to laugh, though. Yesterday morning, the total stood at an already-amazing $7,275. Three kind people decided they’d round that off to $7,300. Yes, each one specifically said their donation was for rounding purposes, and each counteracted the others’ attempts. Well, $7,350 may not be “round,” but it’s still a nicely balanced number. One generous soul was making her fifth contribution, just to keep…


    For a moment there, I thought JustHost had a point

    Well. We had a little excitement at the blog last night. Excitement of the wrong kind, but all appears well now. Bill St. Clair swiftly and accurately shifted yesterday from cranky, creaky JustHost to new HawkHost servers. I set the DNS change in motion (most everybody should be seeing the site on its new servers now or very shortly). And — zoom! — much faster. No 502 errors. Glory hallelujah! All problems solved. Then. Shortly afterward I noticed memory usage creeping up. And creeping more. I contacted HawkHost support, which confirmed JustHost’s claim that these problems could be the…