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Month: October 2016

Sunday links

  • Actual support for “gun control” is so lacking that the Clinton campaign chose to fake a supportive editorial.
  • Of course, we know there is plenty of support for “gun control” — in the most insanely misguided way. Hate to see somebody legally carrying a firearm? Does his potential “violence” offend you? Just grab his gun and shoot him. (And hopefully go to prison for a very long time.)
  • Google, having left “don’t be evil” long in its past, has now breached the never-very-solid barrier of supposedly anonymized tracking. They’re tracking you by name wherever you go. On a strictly voluntary basis, of course. For now. 5 Comments
  • Would anybody object …?

    … if I ran some Amazon ads at the bottoms of blog posts in November? Amazon is offering a 12% commission (i.e. big; really whopping big) on purchases made from “native ads” during the month. The ads would look like the two below (which are just screenshots, not functional ads). Each is based on a single keyword chosen by me (in the first case “SHTF” and the second “tech”) and receives product feeds from categories I know are popular with blog readers. Ads would display anywhere from four to eight products. If you’re using an ad blocker, you’d only see…


    A Thursday ramble (through political thickets and thorns)

    Sorry for the delayed posting. And for going Full Political yesterday. (You never go full political.) You know how us junkies are. I even watched a half hour of last night’s debate. Hadn’t done anything like that in years, but Kit Perez was LiveGabbing it so entertainingly over at that I had to see for myself. I thought I could just … have a taste, you know? Just one little taste. Afterward I needed to detox. —– I thought Trump did well in the bit I watched. But Hillary did a better job: outwitting him, out-talking him, and sneakily…


    Wednesday links

    OMG, it’s an all-politics links day. Avoid if you’re already overdosed. But what can I say? The election is a trainwreck that’s impossible to look away from. These people are “better” than entire herds of Kardashian-Jenners.

    Tuesday links

    I bitch about the man. He is a loathsome toad. But I do understand why people place their hopes in Trump and stand by their views. Especially with more of Hillary’s evil being revealed every moment. And as Vin Suprynowicz reminds us, those Hillarian evils are oozing out despite the media’s most shamelessly shameful efforts. There are still, even in this Augean stable of an election, rare moments of civility between the parties. A cynic might see it as collegiality among rival bands of brigands. Okay, so you achieved “unawareness.” Got a little problem with “compliant” part, though. Hershel Smith…


    Nixon reborn

    It’s always been clear that the R-party could have beat Hated Hillary with nearly anybody. Mitt-the-Dog-Tormenter Romney or Ghastly John McCain probably could have beat her. A gorilla could have beat her. A retarded gorilla. With mange. But noooooo. The R’s, having abused their increasingly fed-up base for decades, ultimately horked out Donald Trump. Possibly the only political creature in the country beside whom Hillary actually looks good tolerable less horrible to millions of civilized humans. It is becoming more abundantly clear, however, that Hillary Clinton isn’t a real individual person at all. She is simply Nixon. Cloned. Sort of…


    Monday details

    Over at TZP, there’s a new double poll asking what you all plan to do after the presidential mud fight election is over. On a completely different note: gotta love the NorthWET. Only here could we have a prediction for a day of blazing sunshine … complete with rain. That’s October for ya.


    The emprire moves on Assange

    Yesterday, rumors roiled the Internet waters: Julian Assange is dead. The U.S. government finally moved in on him. The first rumor was not true. The second … appears to be. Assange’s Internet access has been cut off, supposedly by a “state party.” Which means the U.S. fedgov even if some other state acted as its proxy. At the same time, the UK bank accounts of the Russian state media, RT or Russia Today, were frozen without explanation. Assange is widely assumed to have gotten his damning Hillary Clinton emails from hackers associated with the Russian government. Whatever the reality of…


    Weekend links

  • The title says “How Half of America Lost Its F*cking Mind.” The author says rural Americans have been abused to the point where Trump looks like their savior and they’re understandably, righteously pissed at political business as usual.
  • Hillary’s views on cybersecurity are not only dumb and evil. They’re impossible, as even some of her advisors clearly understood. Can’t have super-security plus nice backdoors that only the “good guys” — that is, Hillary’s friends — can walk through. But not to worry! Hillary! Has the Experience! We Need! To become our dictator.
  • How one itty-bitty Nebraska town v*ted itself out of existence. (H/T MJR) 8 Comments