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If you’re a member of Claire’s Cabal …

If you’re a member of Claire’s Cabal and you haven’t stopped by the forums lately, I hope you’ll drop in and maybe stick around.

Current doings:

  • We’ve just opened the “Members Helping Members” section where cabalistas can offer their assistance on anything from transportation and relocation to their professional specialties.
  • We’ve got several lively new discussions going on, from an easy-newsy one about the “Hamiltonian” electors to the quite deep topic, “The spiritual dimension of freedom.”
  • We always have something going on about money (sound or unsound) and economics in Silver’s Corner.
  • And there are several excellent recent threads on emergency medicine and triage courtesy of our medical experts.

Please come on down, especially if you haven’t visited in a while. Most donors to last summer’s foundation fundraiser are (or are eligible to be) Cabal members. Quite a few joined but either lurk in the background or seldom log in. I know you’re busy people in a busy time of year, but we’d love to have more of you Cabal members check out (and better yet, participate in) all that’s new and good.

Not a member? We have a few free three-month memberships available for those who’d like to jump in and be active. Just ask me. And of course there’s a brief public glimpse of the forums available even to non-members. It doesn’t contain the meatiest material, but can give you an idea what we’re doing.


  1. M
    M December 16, 2016 1:01 pm

    I’ll be back as soon as I have an hour to sit at a keyboard for non-work-related things. 🙂

  2. Claire
    Claire December 16, 2016 2:25 pm

    Good luck with that work overload, M. Will be happy to see you at the Cabal again.

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