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Thank yous

To the person unknown who surprised me by raising my bitcoin total last week …

To the long-time supporter, friend, and bounteous information source who just rendered my rainy walk to the post office surprisingly pleasant …

To the generous mystery man who has lately sprung several such surprises upon me …

And finally to the dear friend (a victim of both perilous health and our present economic “recovery”) who no longer has the means to send financial support, but who volunteered to do a truly wizardly deed for a suffering friend of mine. The two have never met and probably never will, but they are linked by their goodness.

You make house-saving projects do-able. You may even save lives. You certainly make my life brighter.

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  1. Ron Johnson
    Ron Johnson May 16, 2017 4:02 am

    Our web of interpersonal connections is the ultimate Social Security.

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