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The Order of the White Rose has moved

… to the darkweb. TOWR, inspired by the famous group that resisted the Nazis, specializes in training individuals for resistance to tyranny. If you go to their old site, you’ll be directed to their new .onion address.

It’s easy to reach. But only if you have the TOR browser. Which you can learn about and download here if you don’t already have it. When visiting that site, it’s probably wise to use a VPN.*

TOWR also announced that in the future if you send them an email and hope to get an answer, you’ll need to use encryption. TOWR’s public key is here

Not a perfect answer to online security problems, but a powerful method of screening out the unserious.


* With NSA and the fibbies hating online privacy so much that they consider anybody attempting privacy to be an automatic criminal suspect, the best thing in the world would be for us all to adopt all the privacy protections we can, just to remind them that this was once a free country and some of us haven’t gotten on our knees to the uber-government yet. If millions of us use TOR, Tails, VPNs, email encryption, and other common-sense, all-American privacy protections. we overload their snoop capabilities.

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