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Month: November 2017

Midweek links

  • The The disappearing American grad studentengineering grad student, that is.
  • Massachusetts has a puzzling legal problem with its cannabis legalization: islands. Whose waters are governed by feds. Hm. Washington state seems to have solved that. There are plenty of pot shoppes in the San Juans.
  • In case you haven’t heard already, two civilians stopped the Texas church murderer — a fact most of the media is trying to downplay. 6 Comments
  • Multitasking

    If you’ve noticed more than my usual quota of typos lately, please forgive me. I’m multitasking. I wasn’t made to multitask. Here’s a smidge of what’s going on: RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone will be going into its Kindle edition any time now. Not that I’ve done much to get it there; the bulk of the work has been my new partner/publisher’s. But I’ve done my bit with (interruptive and distracting) this-n-that’s. I’m about 1/4 done editing The Freedom Outlaws Handbook for a third edition. The other day I called it a second edition, but that’s because in the…


    Monday links

  • Elderly small-town doctor who accepts mostly cash patients loses her medical license because she doesn’t have a computer to report to her state’s mandatory drug-monitoring program.
  • Where oh where have we heard stories like this before? And why do politicians never see the predictable end to the tale? California plans to slap monumental taxes on legal cannabis in hopes of filling up the state’s shaky treasury.
  • The paradise papers are shaking up some otherwise comfortable people. 36 Comments
  • Yesterday’s revolution

    (Image c/o DB) Yesterday, in case you didn’t notice, was the start of the revolution to depose Trump and Pence. The revolution was well-financed enough to take out a full-page add in the New York Times (Soros, do you suppose?) but not interesting enough to draw a crowd of more than a few hundred even in the most militant college towns. Portland — that hotbed of SJW ferment — was quiet with a sparse crowd. Seattle’s big “do” was more empty space than bodies and seems to have knocked off early. Perhaps participants were worried about the snow in the…


    Okay, if you haven’t already quit watching NFL games …

    … now’s the time. The San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles have announced huge donations to anti-gun groups. That’s it. It’s over. Regardless of the owners’ or players’ personal views, these people have become the Ed Wood of marketing. Do they really have no idea who their target market is? Or are they so arrogant they believe they don’t have to care? —– UPDATE: See Adam’s comment below. Apparently it was only the 49ers, not the Eagles — which improves the situation slightly. This is what happens when I post before morning tea.


    Friday links

  • Donna Brazile confirms what we all knew: that Debbie and the DNC allowed Clinton to control the party apparatus and budgets long before she even won the primaries.
  • For those concerned that Amazon wants to take over the world, here’s more ammo: their legal department just registered three domain names for cryptocurrencies.
  • Last week employees at two online NYC-based news ops cheered at winning the right to union representation. This week they all lost their jobs and the publications died. 14 Comments
  • Amid all that #MeTooing …

    … One voice deserves far more applause than the rest. I don’t even know her name: the 18-year-old in New York who was pulled away from her companions, handcuffed, thrust into the back of a police van, then had “consensual sex” with two plainclothes NYPD detectives. Or so they said. No reasonable human could agree with that cop claim. It’s a perp’s point of view, just like, “It was her fault; I wouldn’t have killed her if she hadn’t screamed.” Or like that creep in the news right now who killed the gun-store owner he was robbing “in self defense.”…


    One of those weeks/random thoughts/much etcetera

    It’s been one of those weeks. You know the kind. Nothing really terrible is happening, but the petty annoyances and small setbacks threaten to overwhelm all productivity. It started with Amazon’s sudden imposition of stupid security on vendor accounts, then went from there in a bruising week of itty-bitty pokes by Jokester Fate. I found a solution for the Amazon stupidity (thank you, parabarbarian), but getting it implemented involved hours of additional stupid. And so the days went, with my writer’s to-do list getting longer and my patience shortening by the hour. Yesterday I woke up to a tank-rental bill…