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Month: November 2017

The subtle art of work avoidance

I’ve been in work-avoidance mode the last few days. A day of this I don’t mind. That’s a mini-vacation. When these modes have me (and it’s definitely them having me rather than vice versa) for half a week … ugh. You know how it is, especially if you’re a creative problem solver. Those of you who are just super-efficient all the damn time, I salute you. And I hate you. But for the rest of us … there’s the long slide into self doubt. You’re no good. You can’t do this. You’re just a lazy b*tch. Fantasies of quitting the…


Tuesday links

Ten-year-old unlocks his mom’s iPhoneX by facial recognition — without even trying. Hahaha. From Reason: Detroit cops posing as drug dealers get into a brawl with Detroit cops posing as drug buyers. It’s here as we predicted: the first drug with ingestion tracking. Also from Reason, J.D. Tuccille asks whether it’s occurred to anyone that tighter gun laws with stricter enforcement are likely to leave libertarians as the best armed people around. (But wait; aren’t we already?) Locating lost cities of the ancient world by analyzing records of their commerce. South African TV refuses to air an “authentic” miracle. (NSFW)…



Yes, a woman’s work is never done. But sometimes it moves ahead at a satisfying pace. Here’s the weekend’s big accomplishment: The ceiling of the bedroom-to-be. It’s just under half done, since yesterday afternoon. I’d have made it farther, but I’m only good for an hour or two at a time hammering overhead. This very thin tongue-and-groove pine isn’t meant for ceilings; it’s for walls and wainscotings. But it’s working fine. Before I committed to putting it on the bedroom ceiling, I nailed a few pieces up on the ceiling of the screenporch where it held up well for a…


RebelFire now on Kindle!

While I was telling you I needed to take a break from the ‘Net, a message arrived telling me that RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone is now available for Kindle. Whoohoo! And just $3.99 to buy. I owe this to Oliver Del Signore, former webmaster of Backwoods Home and now proprietor of Mason Marshall Press, which will also be picking up my Paladin titles — as soon as I provide him with new editions of some of them. Mason Marshall will publish the former Paladin titles (and perhaps others) in both Kindle and print-on-demand versions. They’ll publish the Kindle…


Before the storm: random ruminations on a not-quite-rainy weekend

Yesterday came sunshine — a brief respite between cold-and-wet and windy-and-really-really-wet. Thank you, November, for the small break. I took advantage of it to go meet a local who wanted to buy St. Guinefort the Greyhound. He’d seen it at the county fair and didn’t have much trouble tracking me down because — as it turns out — he’s one of the few locals who recognize my name from my writing. It also turned out (small town and all) that we have mutual acquaintances. Best of all (aside from the fact that he bought me a nice lunch and will…


Friday links

  • In news-of-the-creepy: the recently dead can now unlock smartphones with their fingers or eyes.
  • Speaking of creepy, Sean Parker accuses Mark Z and FB of exploiting vulnerabilities in human psychology. (No sh*t, Sherlock. That’s what FB exists to do.)
  • Electric cars: major polluters. (Yet another truth obvious to anyone who ever looked honestly at the question without being dazzled by the claims of clean urban air.) 6 Comments
  • Midweek links

  • Worried some disgruntled ex might post intimate images of you (known these days as revenge porn)? The simple solution is now available. Just pre-emptively send F*c*b**k whichever of your most sensuous photos you happen to be concerned about and … yeah, somebody thinks that actually makes sense.
  • Democrats hit their lowest approval rate in decades. Then sweep yesterday’s elections.
  • That 84-year-old doctor in New Hampshire continues to fight an uphill battle to get her medical license back. The state keeps pushing the notion that she “voluntarily” surrendered it. (Sort of like we “volunteer” to pay income taxes. After we’ve been subjected to a high-pressure audit.) 14 Comments
  • Today

    The clock says it’s 7:22, but the clock lies. Or my body does. I wish all to heck that governments would quit trying to pretend they can add or subtract time from the day. The “fall back” change is usually the easier of the two, but today the sky is leaden, there’s no warmth in the air, and the rain will be settling in any moment. I’m still lying slug-a-bed and would happily remain that way were it not for Ava and the cat staring so accusingly. With the aid of a space heater I’ve managed to get my sleeping…