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Month: February 2018

Weekend links

  • Don’t even bother trying the “too irrational to be a terrorist” defense.
  • Seems this teacher never learned either the Bill of Rights, school district policy, or elementary human interaction during her education.
  • Who’s behind the Trump dossier that the FBI relied on? Oh, this gets so thick and deep I can’t even go there. But it does help explain why the left — which has always rightly distrusted the FBI — is suddenly in love with its historic nemesis. (H/T DBH) 14 Comments
  • Dodged a bullet

    At least I think I did. Hope I did. It’s a very slow-moving bullet, however. It’s a government bullet, and it might still be out there waiting to strike. Not government as in feds battering down my front door. Just government as in bureaucrats at the county, the kind we all have to deal with now and then. It’s a dirty little tale. Literally. Involving a septic tank. My house, Ye Olde Wreck, shares a septic system with the house next door. An odd arrangement no modern bureaucrat would approve. But at the time (1970s, maybe earlier) it was an…


    Thursday links

  • I never had any idea there were such things as Formula One “grid girls.” Now they’re losing their jobs (because feminism) and they’re not taking it lightly.
  • She asked for help with postpartum depression. The nurse called the cops instead. (Slate’s take on this is different than yours or mine might be.)
  • If Bezos and Buffett “lift the veil” on health-care prices, insurers are in trouble. 7 Comments